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CBT Training Farnborough

In the event of taking your CBT Training in Farnborough, at RideTo we have a couple of schools in Farnborough and Mytchett areas which will give you an extraordinary degree of high quality training to get you out and about and riding with certainty and confidence on your own.

When you've chosen which school you wish to go to you can book your day of training easily and directly with RideTo above!

The residential and neighbourhood streets in Farnborough are a decent test for new riders and the preparation will be to the best quality for wider two wheeled life.

What does CBT Training in Farnborough include?

To be able to legally train for your CBT and to get booked onto a CBT course, you should be a UK resident, be at least 16-years of age, and hold a legitimate UK provisional or full driving licence. You don't have to take the theory test before your CBT, and it's not a necessity to have any past experience riding a motorbike or scooter.

Despite being popularly being referred to as a CBT Test, there is no test involved in the CBT. In fact, CBT Training is only a day of training that is in place to assist and support you in becoming the best possible rider to become safe on the roads when riding on your own.

What gear do I require for the CBT?

The school will give the core riding gear that you require for the day; a protective helmet, bike and provides insurance. You will need to bring your own jacket and clothing to protect your lower half. You'll need to wear the sturdiest pair of trousers you own, for example, some thick jeans. You'll need something similarly tough on your feet, for example, walking boots (no steel caps).

Contingent on the season and the climate you may need to think about obtaining a waterproof coat or even a lot of modest waterproofs - and windproof - overalls. It's constantly a smart thought to check the weather forecast during the week prior to your CBT Training.

Still a little uncertain about what's in store during your CBT preparing in Farnborough? Try not to stress, we've addressed the most widely asked question regarding the CBT test here.

So what are you waiting for?! Book your CBT Training and get out there on the open road!

What sort of motorbike are you able to ride with a CBT?

When you complete our Compulsory Basic Training, you will get your CBT certificate, which will enable you to ride out and about, always displaying L-plates utilising your CBT certificate two years. After the two years if you wish to keep riding without moving up to a full motorbike licence you will need to retake your CBT.

In the event that you take your CBT at 16 years old, at that point you'll just be allowed to ride a scooter with the maximum engine size of 50cc and a confined top speed of 30mph. There are 50cc bikes available, however the vast majority choose a bike because of the affordability and convenience.

When you turn 17 you would then be able to ride a machine with a limit of 125cc. The top speed is never again constrained, yet a motorbike or scooter with a 125cc engine will only go so quick! In any case, don't stress, most current 125s can keep up with traffic on national speed limit streets.

On the day you'll be given the decision of riding an automatic bike or a manual bike. Which one you pick is totally up to you, yet we suggest picking whichever it is you will ride once you've finished your CBT.

It is not best practice going through the CBT day figuring out how to ride a manual bike when you will go through the following two years riding a twist 'n' go bike.

Still uncertain? Look at our top to bottom guide here.

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