CBT Licence at reading

CBT Training Reading

CBT Training in Reading typically takes between 6-8 hours on one day. CBT Training in Reading costs between £145-£175. To be able to book all you need is a UK provisional or UK full driving licence. Once you complete your CBT safely you will be issued a CBT certificate and you can get on the roads by yourself.

What Am I Able To Ride On A CBT Certificate?

Once you succeed in your CBT Training you will be able to ride up to a 125cc motorcycle or scooter. You will have a number of restrictions that you have to abide to, to ensure that you are riding legally. These are that you have to always display L-plates, not carry a pillion passenger and not go on motorways.

Can I Take A CBT Test In Reading?

Looking to kickstart your motorcycle journey? Look no further than RideTo's comprehensive CBT Test course in Reading. A motorcycle CBT Test despite the name involves no test at all, a CBT Test is in fact CBT Training where the instructor is looking to ensure that you are safe to ride solo following your training with no danger to yourself or anyone else on the roads.

With RideTo, booking your CBT Test course in Reading is a breeze. We aim to provide clear instructions on how to secure your spot, with a simple online booking system that guarantees convenience and efficiency.

What Happens On The Day Of CBT Training In Reading?

On the day of your CBT Training, you will learn all of the basics of riding a motorcycle. The aim of the day is to ensure that you are able ride safely on the roads of the UK by yourself and be in no danger to yourself or any other road users.

CBT Training typically takes between 6-8 hours and comprises of 5 parts of the CBT. The first 4 parts of the day are taken off-road in a safe environment so that the student does not have to worry about other road users whilst the basics are learnt.

During the parts off-road you will learn left and right turns, junctions, U-turns, figure of eights and emergency stops. All of these skills will be looking to ensure your control of the motorcycle or scooter is sufficient to ride on the roads in the final part of the day.

The fifth and final part of the day is a 2-hour road ride which is 2 hours minimum by law in which the skills that you have learnt during the day will be put to the test. The instructor will ride behind you for the majority of the ride with an earpiece linked to you.

Can I Take Motorcycle Lessons In Reading?

Taking motorcycle lessons is not the same as when you take car driving lessons, you are not required to take an extensive amount of lessons before getting on the roads.

Motorcycle lessons are not required for your CBT Training as no prior experience is required. If you are looking to take a lesson before your CBT then you can take an Introduction To Motorcycling Course. These are a 2-hour lesson with an instructor giving you a taster session of life on two wheels.

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