CBT Licence at hounslow

Hounslow CBT Training

Living in Hounslow, you’re situated in the middle of a multitude of CBT Training locations. To the South West of Hounslow in Feltham, next to Heathrow Airport is Heathrow Motorcycle Training School. To the West of Hounslow is West London Motorcycle Training. Both are great training schools only 3 miles from Hounslow centre and are easily accessible by public transport. During the road riding part of your CBT training, you will get a great mix of learning to ride on countryside roads and also busier town roads around West London.

What is a CBT Training in Hounslow?

Interested to know what will actually happen during your CBT training? There are 5 parts that you will progress through over the day. This is unless your instructor deems you to be unsafe to continue your training which is usually due to poor Highway Code knowledge, not understanding English well enough or not getting to grips with the controls of a bike.

Part 1 (known as Element A) consists of an introduction from your instructor and an eye test - be sure to bring your glasses or wear contact lenses if you need them.

Part 2 (Element B) is when you will be taught the controls on a bike and how to use them.

Part 3 is the fun part - getting to try out the new skills you’ve just learnt! Element C is where you will need to demonstrate riding a bike in a straight line, using the brakes, changing gears (if on a manual) and carrying out an emergency break, u-turn and show you can ride around bends.

Part 4 of your CBT training is off the bike and consists of your instructor teaching you how to safely ride on the road including road positioning, observations to make and dangers to be aware of.

The final part of the CBT is part 5, the on-road riding element. You will get around 2 hours of road riding with your instructor following behind you directing you on where to ride through an earpiece.

If all goes well, at the end of the CBT Training you will be issued with your CBT certificate which means you can legally ride certain a scooter or motorbike on the UK roads! For more information on what you can legally ride with a CBT read our Laws and Licenses guide.

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