CBT Licence at bromley

Bromley CBT Training

The best way to beat the busy traffic of Bromley and London is to get on two wheels, and taking your CBT Training in Bromley is the first step to beating that traffic. Currently, our closest CBT centre to Bromley is LMRT, based in Lewisham. They’re a long-established school with friendly and knowledgeable instructors, and the local roads are fairly quiet - perfect for new riders.

Phoenix Motorcycle Training are based to the west of Bromley, in Crystal Palace. They will provide you with a helmet, jacket, gloves and boots for your CBT, and they’re MCIAC Gold Standard Approved - the highest standard for motorcycle training in the UK.

Phoenix Motorcycle Training also have another training centre in Sidcup, which boasts the only purpose-built motorcycle training centre in London and the south east. This Phoenix school is also MCIAC Gold Standard Approved.

There are also CBT Training centres in Croydon and Orpington.

Riding a Motorcycle in London

Once you have completed your CBT Training in Bromley it’s time to hit the roads of the capital. The roads in central London will most likely be more congested than they were when you took your CBT Training in Bromley. Not only will there be much more traffic on the road, but it’s very likely it will be moving much slower, too. In these situations some other road users may become impatient. It can be difficult to remain patient in such situations, but just concentrate with your own riding and take your time.

As a motorcycle or scooter rider, you’ll be one of the smallest vehicles on the road, which means other road users may not always be aware of your presence. Wearing hi-vis or bright clothing will help you stand out - especially in gloomy weather - but you can also adjust your position on the road for better visibility. Stay away from the kerb - some cyclists can be unpredictable - and some impatient drivers may feel they can overtake you when perhaps they shouldn’t. To ensure you are visible, and have good visibility, it’s best to position yourself to the right hand side of your lane, slightly towards the centre line. This way, you’ll have plenty of room between yourself and the kerb, you’ll have a good view of the road ahead, and you’ll be visible in the mirrors of larger vehicles.

When you’re riding in London you need to remember to keep an eye on the pedestrians, too. Tourists don’t know where they’re going, and will step out into the road while looking at their phones or maps. The locals know where they’re going, but they’re usually in a rush, and they don’t think twice about darting out between traffic.

Check out our top tips for riding in London for more information.

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