Lewisham Motorcycle CBT Training

There are so many reasons to get a CBT licence when living in Lewisham, London. Located on the edge of central London, Lewisham is the perfect place to have a scooter / motorbike as it will allow you to quickly nip in and around the city for work or pleasure! You can avoid public transport which can be pricey, crowded and unreliable and have complete freedom and independence by getting around on two wheels!Getting a CBT licence can even open up job opportunities with the ever expanding courier industry in London bringing you flexible working hours to fit around your own schedule.

Where to book CBT Training Lewisham

Here at RideTo you can quickly and easily book CBT training near Lewisham. Phoenix Motorcycle Training in Crystal Palace, which is a MCIAC gold standard recognised school is the closest option, easily accessible by overground, train or bus from Lewisham.
Phoenix has a modern approach to teaching people to ride and they have excellent, spacious facilities at their training ground based at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.
Another CBT training school not far from Lewisham is also run by the same company, Phoenix, but is based in Sidcup. Offering the same high level of training, 7 days a week, this is a great option for getting you riding on the road quickly and safely.

What is a CBT? Do I need one?

Anyone who didn’t pass their driving test before February 1st 2001 will need to complete a CBT training course before they can legally ride a moped, scooter or motorbike on UK roads.
Depending on your age, after completing a one day CBT course you will be able to ride up to a 125cc motorbike. You will however need to have L plates on your bike at all times and it is against the law to take passengers or ride on motorways. You will also have to do the course again every 2 years.
If you want to ride something more powerful, take passengers or ride on motorways, you will need to do a Full Licence course after completing a CBT course. For more information on Full Licence courses, read our guide.
CBT training lasts around 6-8 hours and consists of 5 parts. You are taught everything about motorcycle controls, how to do maneuvers and how to safely ride out on the roads with other vehicles.
There will be a mixture of classroom learning and training on an actual scooter or motorbike in the CBT schools off road training pad, followed by a section where you will ride around local roads in front of your instructor who will be telling your directions through an earpiece.
If the instructor feels you are safe to ride after this one day of training you will get your CBT certificate which is all you need to then legally ride on the roads.
There are a few other documents you will need once you buy/ride a scooter or motorbike, these include insurance, VRD, Tax and an MOT. Read more about what you need in our Legal Documents for Riding Guide.

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