CBT Licence at croydon

Find CBT Training in and Around Croydon

RideTo has two CBT Training partner sites around Croydon. Both are run by Phoenix Motorcycle training. The closest is only a short drive South East of the centre of Croydon, based in New Addington.

The nearest public transport stop to the site, based at Wolsey Junior School, is Fieldway Tram Stop. There are also multiple bus routes that give easy access to the CBT Training site.

The other Phoenix CBT training site nearest to Croydon is only 4 miles drive from the town in Crystal Palace.

To book CBT training now all you need to do is put your postcode into the search bar above and pick a date you would like to train.

Learning to Ride a Motorbike in South London

If you are willing to travel further away or perhaps work somewhere else in/near London we also have Motorbike lessons happening at partner training schools all over London - maybe Lewisham or Sidcup are better locations for you?

Many Londoners learn to ride a motorbike as it’s a nicer alternative to public transport and puts you in control! No more waiting around for delayed buses or jam-packed trains!

After the initial costs, journeys can often be cheaper than getting public transport, however, if you would like to know more about the full costs of riding a motorbike take a look at our guide of all the things you will need to buy including insurance, gear and road tax.

Passing Your CBT Training in Croydon

CBT training only takes most people a day to ‘pass’ although it’s technically not even a test, but a day of training.

Unless you show signs of not being able to ride safely, at the end of the day of training you will get your CBT certificate which allows you to ride a moped, scooter or motorbike up to 125cc (depending on your age).

There will be multiple parts to the training day, you can read more in-depth about all the different parts in our guide telling you what to expect on the day of your CBT.

Do Not Be Late For Your CBT Training!

Make sure you arrive to your CBT in plenty of time. London transport is notorious for being unreliable and roads can often have delays if you plan to drive to your motorbike lesson. If you turn up late for your CBT you won’t be allowed to join in with the training once the course has started.

This is a rule set by the DVSA that instructors have to follow to make sure everyone learns how to ride safely on roads. If you do turn up late, or miss your training completely, you will have to book and pay again as your instructor will still need to paid for their day of work.

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