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CBT Training Welling

We have over 20 CBT Training schools in London which will get you all get you to the standard required to be as safe as possible riding the roads of Welling post-CBT. When you've chosen which location suits you then you can get started with preparing for your CBT Training in Welling with these guides.

What is CBT Training in Welling?

CBT Training is the compulsory course for any rider hoping to jump on to two wheels. CBT Training takes between 6-8 hours on one day and once complete you will be given your CBT certificate. If you train well and you succeed in your CBT Training then you can be riding the same day as long as you have valid insurance and a bike.

The point of the CBT course in Welling is to prepare you to ride safely on your own and our highly qualified instructors will assist you with doing as such. Regardless of whether you decide to ride a motorcycle or scooter your training will comprise of the same 5 parts of a CBT.

The 5 parts of a CBT comprise of an introduction, off-road preparing, off-road riding, on-road training and on-road riding. The initial 4 sections are finished off-road and the skills that you will learn will be used on the road in the final part of the day, for example the skills that you learn will be - left and right turns, emergency stops and figure of eights.

What Can I Ride With a CBT Licence In Welling?

When you complete our Compulsory Basic Training, you will get your CBT certificate, which will permit you to ride out and about on L-plates utilizing your CBT for as long as two years. In the event that following two years you wish to keep riding without moving up to a full motorcycle licence you should retake your CBT.

If you take your CBT at 16 years old, at this point you'll just be permitted to ride a motorcycle or scooter with a top limit of 50cc and a confined top speed of 30mph. There are 50cc scooters and motorcycles available, however a great many people settle on a moped because of the affordability and usability.

If you choose to take your driving test in an automatic car, then you will only be qualified to drive automatic cars on the road, but that’s not the case with the CBT. On the day you’ll be given the choice of riding an automatic scooter or a manual motorcycle.

Which one you pick is totally up to you, yet we suggest picking whichever it is you will ride once you've finished your CBT. It doesn't make sent to go through a day figuring out how to ride a manual motorcycle when you will go through the following two years riding a twist 'n' go bike.

Would i be able to ride a 500cc in Welling?

Yes. You will have the option to ride a bigger motorcycle once you complete your full motorbike licence training and tests. On a CBT certificate you will be confined to a 125cc motorcycle. To ride a bigger bike you will require an A1 licence, A2 licence or A licence.

To ride a motorcycle bigger than a 125cc then you should book your CBT, gain your certificate, take your theory test, gain your theory certificate and afterward take your full bike training and bike tests.

What amount are motorcycle lessons in Welling?

Motorcycle Lessons in Welling cost £130 and in actuality are not lessons like taking car driving lessons where you have to take an enormous number of lessons before getting road legal. The initial step to jumping on two wheels in the UK is by taking CBT Training.

CBT Training is a one day of preparing that takes between 6-8 hours and following effective training you will ride the streets of Welling in a matter of hours.

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