CBT Licence at wimbledon

Wimbledon CBT Training

Take advantage of the best training facilities in London and book CBT Training in Wimbledon. With a wide selection of motorcycle training schools in and around Wimbledon, completing your CBT could not be easier in South London.

What Is Wimbledon CBT Training?

Wimbledon CBT Training consists of 5 sections and takes typically between 6-8 hours. Make sure that you allow a full day to take your CBT Training so that you fully enjoy and give the instructor your full attention.

The first 4 parts of the day will all be completed off-road. This means that you will take your training in a safe and protected environment away from the stress of sharing the road with other motorists. The aim of Wimbledon CBT Training is to make you feel comfortable and safe on the roads

These 4 parts will be an on-site eye test and licence check, on-site CBT training, on-site CBT riding and on-road training. The final part of your CBT course will be completed on-road for 2 hours with the instructor following your progress and will have a radio connection with you at all times.

The on-road riding is the final part of the day and you will enjoy riding some of the best roads in South London to ride. Areas around Wimbledon, such as Wimbledon Common, Mitcham, Sutton, New Malden, Putney, Balham, Richmond and more.

What Do I Need To Take My CBT Training In Wimbledon?

To take your CBT Training in Wimbledon, you will need the correct licence. The correct licence is one of the following, a UK provisional licence, UK full driving licence or EU Licence with D9 counterpart. If you have one of these then you will be able to train for your CBT bike licence.

On the day of your CBT Training you will be required to bring the licence card as stated above, have knowledge of your national insurance number and wear appropriate clothing. Appropriate and suitable clothing is thick trousers such as jeans and boots that cover the ankles (that don’t have steel toe caps).

What Is A CBT Test In Wimbledon?

A CBT Test is the exact same thing as CBT Training. You may hear both of these terms but in fact CBT Training is often referred to as a CBT Test. CBT stands for Compulsory Basic Training and is not a Test.

How Much Does A CBT Cost in Wimbledon?

A CBT in London varies from £140 to £180, this is due to different fixed costs for instructors such as premis rent, equipment and staff costs.

At RideTo every single price includes bike and helmet hire, insurance and your instructor fees. This means that on the day of your training you aren’t turning up needing to pay any extras. If you see a price online that is ‘too cheap’ - it probably is.

What Bike Can I Ride On A CBT Licence?

The CBT licence is the gateway to two wheels and you will be able to ride up to a 125cc moped or motorcycle and enjoy the roads on two wheels. However, you do have a few restrictions, these are that you have to display L plates at all points, not carry passengers or go on motorways.

This does not mean that you are restricted to ‘rubbish’ or ‘slow’ bikes, there are a plethora of fantastic options available and at RideTo we have highlighted some of our favourite Motorcycles To Ride On A CBT.

How Do I Get My Full Motorcycle Licence in Wimbledon?

Following your CBT Training you may be looking to get on a bigger unrestricted bike. This will require you to take a theory test (similar to a car licence theory) and following take your full bike licence training to get an A1 licence, A2 licence or A licence depending on your age.

Before you take your full motorbike licence and take advantage of the freedom of a bigger bike in Wimbledon you will need to take your motorcycle theory test. This costs £23 and consists of a multiple choice section and a hazard perception section.

After you complete your CBT and Theory you will be ready to take your full motorcycle test and training. To ride a motorcycle on a full licence you will need to undertake between 5-7 days worth of training depending on your experience on two wheels.

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