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How to Book a CBT Training Course in York?

RideTo is the best platform for those looking to start their motorcycling journey! Our booking platform allows you to search for the nearest CBT schools to York, find a suitable training date that works with your schedule and get it booked in with an instructor!

We then provide you with lots of helpful information to make sure you’re prepared for your CBT training course so that you can be riding around York and the rest of the UK in no time at all!

The freedom of riding on 2 wheels will get you hooked for life! Once you’ve passed your CBT you may well want to move onto a Full Licence course to ride without any restrictions on bigger, faster motorcycles!

CBT Training Centres Near York

Although there aren’t any RideTo partner schools in the centre of York, we have lots of options a short distance away where you can complete your CBT training and learn to ride a motorcycle.

Two of the closest CBT training schools within a 25 mile radius of York are run by Tommy Bee Motorcycle Training. Their two training grounds are in Lofthouse, South Leeds and Wakefield.

Another location for you to complete your CBT would be SK motorcycle Training who have a CBT training ground in Frickley Athletic stadium in South Elmsall.

Can I Ride a Manual Motorcycle With a CBT Licence?

As long as you are 17 years of age or older you can take your CBT training on a manual 125cc motorcycle and also then ride one legally after passing your CBT.

You can also still ride a manual 125cc motorcycle after passing even if you choose to complete your CBT training on an automatic bike.

You will be taught how to use the clutch and change gears whichever bike you are learning on, giving you flexibility when it comes to riding in the future.

What Motorbike Can I Ride at 16 Years Old in York?

In the UK you can learn to ride a moped at the age of 16, a year before you can legally ride a car.

If you find it hard to travel around due to not being able to get lifts from parents or are not near good public transport links, then riding a moped once you turn 16 is a great way to gain some freedom!

There are some restrictions though, until you are 17 you can only ride a 50cc moped at 28mph.

Even once you turn 17, a CBT licence restricts you from being able to take passengers or ride on motorways but at this age you will be able to upgrade to a 125cc motorbike should you want to.

For more information read our laws and licences guide.

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