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What Are the Requirements for Completing a CBT Test?

If you’re over the age of 16, live in the UK and have one of the following licences; a full UK driving licence, a provisional licence or an EU licence with UK a counterpart licence number, you should in theory be able to complete a CBT test.

Not only must you own one of these licences but you must also be able to bring it with you to your training so make sure you know exactly where it is as without the physical copy you won’t be allowed to train.

It is vital that you can speak and understand English as your instructor will be speaking to you in English and throughout the course of the day they will be asking you questions to check you are understanding everything.

Other requirements are that you must have the skills to balance on and ride an adult-sized bicycle and that you can read a registration plate from 20.5 meters away, with glasses if needs be.

You will also need to know The Highway Code before you attend your CBT test, you will have learnt this if you have learnt to drive a car already. It consists of the rules of the road and how to ride on roads in the UK.

These are all parts of the terms and conditions you must agree to before you make a CBT test booking.

How Much Is a CBT Test in York?

The price of a CBT changes from school to school as it depends on their location and facilities. CBT test sites around York start from £140 at 2wheelskool in Bradford and increase up to around £170.

How Hard Is a CBT Test?

A CBT isn’t actually a test although it’s often referred to as one. There is no exam and therefore nothing to really pass or fail. It is a day of training where you are taught how to ride a scooter or motorcycle and also how to complete maintenance and safety checks on a bike.

Part of the CBT course is riding out on the roads alongside other traffic, however, if it’s clear to the instructor that you have not successfully mastered how to ride before the road ride element, it would be too dangerous to let them take you on roads so they will ask you to come back for more training.

This can be seen as a ‘fail’ but it is just a safety precaution to protect you and other road users.

You can be turned away from your training (which can also be seen as a ‘fail’) if you don’t show up with the correct clothing/gear, don’t have your licence with you, you cannot speak and understand English or read a registration plate from 20.5 meters, or you don’t know The Highway Code.

Also students who turn up late to their CBT test will be denied access to join in. This is a rule set by the DVSA to make sure you do not miss any vital training information that could make you an unsafe rider.

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