CBT Licence at tunbridge-wells

Royal Tunbridge Wells, a leafy town just 30 miles from Central London offers a lot as a location for your CBT Training. Despite its gentle nature, Tunbridge Wells is a busy place with a very varied road network. There are lots of quiet streets for you to get your first experience of riding on the road, but the instructors will also take you out into some beautiful countryside surrounding the town. Tunbridge Wells during rush hour or the school run will also give you the opportunity to experience riding on busy streets.

CBT Training in Tunbridge Wells is very accessible as the town boasts very good bus and train services. We have a training school slap bang in the middle of the town situated between the Library and the Trinity Theatre, just a short walk from Tunbridge Wells Station. If you are coming from further afield the 402 bus from Sevenoaks (via Tonbridge) stops virtually outside our town centre school. As does the No.7 bus from Maidstone, however we do have a school in Maidstone also.

Tunbridge Wells has the perfect balance between learning to ride your motorcycle on residential roads to practicing on busier bus and commuter routes, essential practice for passing your CBT Training in Tunbridge Wells.

RideTo CBT Training sites supply many locations in Kent such as Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Orpington and Sidcup.

How to book your CBT Training in Tunbridge Wells

Booking CBT Training in Tunbridge Wells couldn’t be easier, we have a good selection of motorcycle training sites for you to get your CBT licence. After getting booked in we will send you confirmation for your CBT training and you’ll be riding around in no time on one of the top 50cc motorcycles or if you can’t decide which moped, scooter or motorcycle, 50cc vs 125 to get then take your time and make sure that you remember to get insurance.

Motorcycle lessons in Tunbridge Wells cost £130. To get riding you do not need motorcycle lessons like you would with a driving licence for a car. You are able to take CBT Training straight away with no prior experience of two wheels.

If you are unsure about taking your CBT Training straight away then you are able to take an Introductory to Motorcycling course.

What is a CBT Test in Tunbridge Wells?

A CBT Test is not actually a test, it is in fact training. CBT Training takes between 6-8 hours on one day. At the end of your training if you have trained safely you will be able to legally ride the roads of the UK.

Tunbridge Wells is a lovely location to take your CBT training and any other motorcycle lesson for that matter. Our newly established instructor will be pleased to take you from rookie rider to confident and safe biker. From your first introduction lesson to your Full Motorcycle Licence. We have the right course for you in Tunbridge Wells.

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