CBT Licence at slough

Slough CBT Training

RideTo has a number of partner sites for CBT Training in Slough and West London. RideTo CBT Training locations can be found in Shepherd's Bush at the White City TA Centre which is a short walk from White City Tube station. Wembley on Lumen Road which can be reached from South Kenton from the North and North Wembley from the South. Edgware is based at The Hive Stadium and can be reached from Canons Park Station on the Jubilee Line. Our Richmond site is based at Richmond Magistrate's Court which is a very short walk from Richmond Train Station and finally in Hounslow which is based at Hanworth Air Park Leisure Centre & Library which can be reached by road from the M3 and by rail from Feltham Train Station.

What Is Involved in CBT Training In Slough?

A CBT Test in Slough typically takes between 6-8 hours on one day. On the day you will go through the 5 parts of the CBT. 4 of these are undertaken off-road. The fifth part is taken on the road. This fifth part is a 2-hour road ride, which is by law a minimum of two hours. You will be able to test the skills that you have learnt in the previous hours.

The Slough CBT test despite being named a test there is no test involved. It is in fact CBT Training in which the qualified instructor ensures that you are safe to ride the roads and are no danger to yourself or anyone else on the roads when you leave the CBT training day in Slough.

If for some reason the instructor believes that you need further training than the one-day training he/she will ask you to return for further training. This is not common however it does happen so don't be upset if this does occur, it is for your and other road users safety.

How Do I Book Motorcycle Lessons In Slough?

To book motorcycle lessons in Slough you can select your preferred option from the above list or type in your postcode for a more exact search. You will then be able to choose the best option for you on price, availability, distance and reviews.

Motorcycle training is not like learning to drive a car for multiple reasons, the first is that a large set of motorcycle lessons is not required to get riding in the UK. In fact, the majority of people book and succeed in CBT Training with no prior experience on two wheels.

You are not required to take motorcycle lessons prior to your CBT and although we recommend taking an intro to motorcycling course for peace of mind it is not a requirement. To get started in Slough book your CBT today with the UK's #1 motorcycle training platform.

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