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Edgware CBT Training

RideTo's CBT Training in Edgware is at The Hive Stadium. The site has excellent facilities and an onsite cafe and multiple instructors allowing the site to have multiple classes each day. There are two Underground Stations nearby Queensbury and Canons Park which mean it is easy to get to the site from all parts of London. Edgware is a popular location for North London inhabitants and those happy to travel up the jubilee line to get to one of the most sought after locations. If passing your CBT Training in Edgware doesn't excite then alternatively look at typing your postcode above or selecting one of the options below:

What is CBT Training in Edgware?

To complete your CBT Training you will need to book a day in with the instructor, CBT Training in Edgware takes typically between 6-8 hours in which you will learn the basics of how to ride a motorbike.

On the day of your CBT Test you will be taken through 5 steps of the CBT, the first 4 parts will be taken off-road in which you will learn the basic manoeuvres of motorcycling. These include left and right turns, U-turns, blind spot checks and emergency stops.

Although the name may be misleading the CBT Test is actually CBT Training. Despite being commonly referred to as a CBT Test there is no test involved as the instructor will not be testing you. They will ensure that you are safe to ride the roads in the UK and if you are not they will ask you to return for some further training.

How Much are Motorcycling Lessons?

Motorcycling lessons are not required for taking your CBT Training and are often confused with that for a car licence you often need to take extensive lessons to succeed. The CBT Training course is designed for no prior experience needed meaning no motorcycle lessons pre-CBT are needed.

Before you take your CBT you can take a form of motorcycle lesson which is called an Introduction To Motorcycling Course. This is a taster session of a few hours for you to get a feel for riding on two wheels. This course is very popular with new and young riders.

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