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Questions Every New Motorcyclist Asks


Jake T · August 24, 2023

It’s common to have a lot of questions when starting out in something new. Motorcycles are no different. There are a few steps we all must take before enjoying the freedom of two wheels so we’re here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions in our New and Beginner rider group.

Q: I want to do my CBT but I'm too nervous to book, what can I do?

Firstly, it's totally understandable to be a little nervous when first starting out in the world of motorcycles, we can agree it's not the most natural thing for us humans to do. When taking your CBT your instructor will take you through everything you need to know to safely and confidently get out on the road. If need a little extra reassurance we offer an ‘Introduction to Motorcycling ‘course which is specifically designed to instill confidence in riders ahead of their CBT.

During the 2 hours course, you will:

Focus on the core skills and controls of riding a motorcycle

Experience the fun and freedom before committing to the CBT course

Learn the basics of clutch and gear controls

It's also worth checking out our Peace Of Mind Policy. An exclusive offer where we will pay for your 2nd day of CBT training if you need extra time to complete the course.

Q: Do I need an L plate on the front of my bike?

This is one that lots of people will have opinions on, but the facts are: If you are riding a 50cc or 125cc motorcycle on a CBT licence it is a legal requirement to display L plates on both the front and rear of your scooter or motorcycle.

Once you have passed your A1, A2 or full motorcycle licence you are able to remove your L plates from your machine.

If you want a more in depth view as to how to get your full licence you can read more here.

Q: I’ve only got a 125cc can I go to bike meets?

Absolutely you can, almost all bike meets are incredibly welcoming to anyone on two wheels no matter the size of your engine, we’re all there for the same reason. If you’re nervous about heading out to your local bike meet, why not see if there is a local Facebook group for the event and get in touch, you may be able to meet up with some fellow riders en route and all arrive together. The motorcycle community is one of the most welcoming and friendly communities you will find.

Here are some of our favourite motorcycle destinations to visit.

Q: I know I want a Bike but which one is best for me?

This one is very subjective as it really just comes down to what style of bike suits you best. For most people we will be led by how the bike looks, do you want a cruiser or perhaps something more sporty? Looks aside you’re going to want to take a look at the running costs MPG, tank size, service intervals, tax etc. For smaller capacity machines all of this cost will be fairly low but it does add up so that's worth checking for sure.

Our best advice is to always go and book a test ride ahead of a purchase so you know 100% this is the right bike for you. Most local dealers will be very helpful and welcoming if you give them a call.

We have a few handy blogs to help you narrow your search. Check them out here.

Q: I live in London and bikes often get stolen, what’s the best way to keep mine safe?

Motorcycle theft unfortunately is quite common in large cities. Have a read through our in depth blog on motorcycle security here.

Firstly you’re going to want to ensure you have a bike cover, whilst this might seem like a bit of a faff, it's one of the most underrated forms of security. Covering your bike makes it less visible at a quick glance. It will also alert passers by if someone looks like they're being a little sketchy and taking a peak under the cover.

Next up you’re going to want to ensure you have a good quality lock and chain. If possible you want to chain your bike to an immovable object such as a ground anchor or lamppost. There are plenty of high quality security options out there so do your research and go for the highest rated you can afford as it may well be there difference between your pride and joy going missing.

Q: Does buying all the gear cost a lot?

The cost of good quality gear nowadays has come down greatly and there are a whole host of fantastic options for new riders. Of course, as with anything you can spend more money if you want to but in terms of certification, every helmet has to pass strict testing to be able to be sold to consumers. When it comes to jackets and trousers you’re going to want to keep an eye out for A ratings and CE levels. You can read more about protection here.

We now offer a fantastic deal for new riders which induce everything you need to get out on the road for just £260. Check out our new rider packs here.

This information is given to you as a guide to support you in your choice of licence and RideTo has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided about motorcycle licence and training requirements. However, RideTo cannot guarantee the information is up to date, correct and complete and is therefore provided on an "as is" basis only. RideTo accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising. We recommend that you verify the current licence and training requirements by checking the DVSA website.