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Motorcycle Destinations to Visit in the UK


Sarah H · July 06, 2021

For some, the aimless journey of a meandering road is the joy of two-wheeled travel. For others, the destination is an intrinsic joy of the journey. For those of you who seek a pit stop to knock your socks off, these hot spots are bound to tick all the right boxes.

Bike Shed Motorcycle Club

bikeshedmoto.com l 384 Old Street, London. EC1V 9LT.

With two, world-renowned locations on both sides of the Atlantic, the kudos of BSMC travels far. For us Brits, the flagship hub in the hip and happening Shoreditch has become a pilgrimage site, attracting thousands of visitors a year to the post-industrial setting in London’s East End.

Before it became the biggest name on the capital’s bike scene besides the Ace Cafe, BSMC began life in 2011 as the musings of founder Anthony “Dutch” van Someren as he transitioned from the high octane life of sportsbikes, to the then emerging modern custom classic scene.

With the help of his wife Vikki and some like-minded friends, their first pop-up custom bike show in 2013 evolved into the shrine to all things bike two years later. Now boasting a cafe and restaurant, bar, gallery, barbershop, clothing store, event space, staffed by an army of knowledgeable and passionate staff, BSMC is the place to be and be seen.

Best known for…

The awesome and incredibly nerve-racking promenade through the middle of the outdoor seating area to the bike park.

Caffeine and Machine

caffeineandmachine.com l Banbury Road, Ettington. CV37 7NS.

Six years down the line from its inception, C&M is quite literally petrolhead heaven. Go any day or night of the week and you are guaranteed to see something that is a mind-boggling feat of design, or so rare that only single figures exist... or so nostalgic that it immediately situates you in your mum’s F-reg Golf GTI on the way home from school on that day that you saw your first Honda CBR900RR with that crazy purple livery and were immediately intoxicated with bike lust. Just me?

C&M is a firm favourite of Jason Markos, co-founder of riding community @allwedoisbraaap. He said: “I really love the wide range of exotica that seems to be welcomed and accepted by Caffeine and Machine, making for a great atmosphere, no matter your motorised preference”.

Its location could not be more idyllic for riders, with the Banbury Road carving its way through some of the most beautiful views gifted by the Warwickshire countryside. Once there, pitch up on a picnic table or in the C&M restaurant, and soak up the view with scrumptious street food. The site also boasts an emporium of everything from artisan furniture and fine art to clothing and accessories, a bar of tastefully selected tipples, and rooms to stay in if you wish to make a night of this petrolhead heaven.

Best known for…

Epic golden hours casting the spotlight on achingly beautiful feats of engineering.

Baffle Haus

baffleculture.com l The Cedars, Goytre, Pontypool. NP4 0AD.

Set in the heart of the beautiful Welsh countryside, this achingly cool cafe come showroom was borne out by six friends’ passion for the power of two-wheeled travel via the Baffle Culture Instagram page.

Ben Hardy (@bensmoto101) is a regular visitor to BH. He said: “The roads in and out, whichever way you go, are incredible and the staff are always friendly. I love looking at their eclectic mix of ever changing bikes on display and in any car park. It is a must visit for any petrolhead”.

As you arrive at the striking timber-clad structure, you’re immediately drawn into the Baffle Haus space by an array of stunning custom bikes of all varieties. You’re then greeted by the lovely BH team with a beverage of choice, some scrumptious bakes, and quality merch, before finding a perch to soak up the other dream machines rolling in.

Best known for…

Superb coffee and epic hospitality surrounded by some of the prettiest bikes - and roads - you ever did see.

KOTI Autotalli

kotiautotalli.com l Battlebrook Drive, Chipping Campden. GL55 6JX.

It may be fresh on the scene, but it’s already making a name for itself amongst the uber cool modern classic (and classic classic) set. KOTI Autotalli - which is Finnish for ‘home garage’ - is a purveyor of fine motorcycling goods, a builder of stunning bikes, and a hangout for all those who wish to talk shop.

It comprises an exposed workshop, so the creative process can be seen in action as the skilled team prep MUTT Motorcycles for their fortunate new owners, side by side with its own KOTI Autotalli custom commissions.

Once exhausted from indulging in carefully curated retail therapy, there’s only one thing left to do - take a seat in the hangout with a brew and something sweet, admire your spoils, and figure out how you can squeeze another custom build into your garage.

Best known for…

Delicious sweet treats and quality clobber in a super chic setting.

Union Road Moto-Velo

unionroadmotovelo.com l Union Road, Crediton, Devon. EX17 3AL.

This family affair is the culmination of over 40 years of cultivating a love for all things motorcycle. Union Road Moto-Velo opened in 2017 as an escape from cold corporatism and a hub for those who ride anything on two wheels in the middle of picturesque Devon.

Set in the heart of the lush countryside, the rides to and from Union Road Moto-Velo are worthy of a stop over. Fortunately, it boasts six cosy en-suite rooms for bikers and non-riders alike. Add to that the opportunity to pick up a unique custom bike to complement your collection, some new gear to spruce up your riding wardrobe, and a super-chilled space to sip coffee with like-minded travellers - it’s a veritable bikers’ oasis.

Best known for…

Warm welcomes and good vibes only in a beautifully orchestrated set-up.

Oily Rag

oilyrag.com l Unit 9, Rockhaven Ind Est, Triangle Park, Metz Way, Gloucester. GL1 1AJ.

This gem of a spot is a nook of paradise tucked away on the brink of the Gloucestershire countryside. As with all of these destinations, it was founded upon a passion for motorcycling, design, and a desire to create a space to unite like-minded folk.

Oily Rag not only produces its own range of clothing, but also builds custom bikes, and has become a firm favourite of enthusiasts across the country. Its ample parking lends itself perfectly to group gatherings of vehicles of all shapes and sizes, giving visitors plenty to peruse and purr over whilst enjoying a freshly-made cuppa.

Best known for…

Cool clobber and oodles of dream machines to ogle at.


boltlondon.com l 1a Bouverie Road, Stoke Newington, London. N16 0AH.

BOLT is the go-to boutique of all fashion-forward bikers, making its mark on the counter-culture scene since 2013. Founded by Andrew Almond, its flagship store in London is world-renowned for being a centre of exceptional craft and design.

BOLT builds custom motorcycles, hosts music festivals, films, and art exhibitions, and creates desirable yet functional garments that wouldn’t look out of place on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week - as proven they were invited to partake in the seminal event in 2019 (check out their journal post from December 12 that year).

Working alongside small scale luxury manufacturers in London, Italy, and Portugal, owning a BOLT purchase is akin to owning a piece of art. They also like to share their knowledge and expertise through their motorcycle workshops that will enable you to ensure you keep your pride and joy in tip-top condition.

Best known for…

Being innovators and trailblazers in all aspects of motorcycling.

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