Full Licence at plymouth

Motorcycle Licence Plymouth

If you want to get your motorcycle licence in Plymouth it may seem like a complicated process, but we’re here to make completing your motorcycle training as easy as possible. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it might appear at first glance.

The Steps to your Full Motorcycle Licence in Plymouth

There are a few routes to take if you’re looking to gain your full motorcycle licence in Plymouth, depending on your age or size of bike that you’re looking to ride. If you have no motorcycle experience at all, then we would recommend completing CBT training first. You can take your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) from the age of 16 and once completed it will remain valid for two years, which gives you plenty of time to gain experience riding on the road before you get your full motorcycle licence in Plymouth.

Riding with just a CBT will mean you have to display L-plates at all times, and you won’t be able to take passengers or ride on motorways. You don’t need to pass your theory and hazard perception tests to be able to complete your CBT.

At 16 you will only be allowed to ride a motorcycle or scooter with a 50cc engine and a top speed of no more than 28mph, but if you want to shed those L-plates, take passengers or ride on the motorway you can take a theory test and two-stage practical test. This is known as the AM licence. If you’re 17 you can take the same route to gain your A1 licence, which will also allow you to shed your L-plates. At 17 you will be restricted to a 125cc motorcycle with a maximum power output of 11kW.

Once you turn 19 you will be able to take your motorcycle training for the A2 licence, provided you have completed your theory and hazard perception tests within the last two years. The practical motorcycle test is comprised of off-road and on-road sections, which are normally completed on seperate days. They take 15 minutes and 50 minutes respectively. Once you complete the A2 test you will be able to ride any motorcycle you like - regardless of the engine size - provided it has a maximum power output of 35kW. You can choose to ride a bike that makes no more than 35kW as standard, or you can choose to get a restrictor kit fitted to a more powerful bike - although this isn’t possible on all models.This power restriction lasts for two years, after which you will be allowed to ride any motorcycle, regardless of its power output. You won’t have to take another test.

If you’re 24 or older then you will be able to take your unrestricted full motorcycle licence test in Plymouth without going through any of the other licence levels. This is what’s known as the A licence, and upon completion you will be allowed to ride any bike you like, without any restrictions on the Plymouth roads and beyond.

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