CBT Licence at plymouth

Plymouth CBT Training

Plymouth CBT Training takes between 6-8 hours and if you want to ride a moped or motorcycle you will legally require a CBT bike licence. Get started with RideTo - the largest training platform in the UK.

CBT Training or CBT Test?

A CBT Test and CBT Training often are interchangeable terms and may cause confusion. In fact, they both referring to the same thing. However, a CBT stands for Compulsory Basic Training and there is no test involved - so don’t worry.

What Do I Need to Take a CBT in Plymouth?

All CBT Training in the UK have the same requirements, you will need the correct licence which is any of a UK provisional licence, UK full driving licence or EU driving licence with UK/D9 counterpart. If you have the correct licence you will be able to book your CBT.

On the day of your training you will be required to present your card copy of one of the above licences and have a knowledge of your National Insurance number. Also, make sure you wear suitable clothing, these are thick trousers (e.g jeans) and boots (that come above the ankles and do not have steel caps).

CBT Training in Plymouth Locations

As the largest city in the South West after Bristol, Plymouth has a great variety of places to practice U-Turns, emergency stops and all the essential maneuvers you will need to ride safely. However, you will be starting off-road, so no need to worry about the busy Plymouth roads just yet.

With it’s fair share of hills, throttle control will be essential to master when you are practicing off-road and your instructor will help you through the process of controlling your moped or motorcycle.

When you complete the on road riding section of your CBT Training you will get the pleasure of riding many of the local areas such as Crabtree, Longbridge, Leigham, Efford, Mannamead, Plympton, Milehouse and more.

What Occurs on My CBT Course in Plymouth?

CBT Training is put in place to make you feel comfortable on two wheels on to competently ride a motorcycle. Your Instructor is with you all day to ensure that you ride safely and are no danger to yourself or anyone else on the roads following the completion of your CBT.

CBT motorcycle training consists of parts A-E with A-D being undertaken off-road, typically in a car park or secure environment where the student can get the feel of the vehicle and ensure that their balance is sufficient to ride on the road in part E of the training.

How Do I Get My Full Motorcycle Test in Plymouth?

After you have completed your CBT in Plymouth you may wish to pursue a full motorbike licence such as the A1 licence, A2 licence or full A licence. These difference licences depend on your age. Similar to a car licence you will need to complete a theory test first before taking your motorcycle tests.

The theory test take the same format as the driving test theory which is multiple choice and hazard perception. Following the successful completion of your theory and CBT you will be able to get booked in for full motorcycle training that takes between 5-7 days.

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