Full Licence at liverpool

Motorcycle Licence Liverpool

To gain your motorcycle licence in Liverpool you will have to undergo motorcycle training at one of our training centres in and around Liverpool. What training you will be required to undergo and what bikes you will be allowed to ride after will depend on your age when at the time of completion.

If you’re still unsure about getting on two wheels, here’s why you should get your motorcycle license.

How the Motorcycle Test in Liverpool Works

Just like when you take your car test, you must first pass your theory test and hazard perception tests before you can take your practical tests. Once you’ve passed your theory test you will have two years to complete your practical test. The only time you don’t need to pass your theory test is when you are doing a CBT, which isn’t strictly a test and won’t grant you a full motorcycle licence.

The practical motorcycle test is split into two parts, Module 1, and Module 2. You will normally complete these on separate days, as you cannot progress to Module 2 without first passing Module 1.

Module 1 is completed on an off-road training area, and it usually takes around 20 minutes to complete. For this you will be asked to complete several different maneuvers. You’ll have to push the motorcycle around while off the bike and show you can use the stand correctly. After that, you will need to perform a series of maneuvers while riding; a slalom and figure of eight, a slow, controlled, ride, a U-turn, cornering and controlled stop, cornering and emergency stop, and the cornering and hazard avoidance maneuver. Don’t worry, you will cover all these in your motorcycle training before your take your test. Once you’ve completed them, you will be able to move onto Module 2.

Module 2 is the on-road portion of the test, and takes a little longer than Module 1 - usually about 50 minutes. You will head out onto the Liverpool roads ahead of the examiner, who will give you directions through a one-way radio. The road ride will include stopping, pulling away at an angle from behind a parked car, and a hill start where possible. For a portion of the on-road test you will have to ride independently, where the instructor will give you a destination, which you must reach following road signs. If you’ve already been riding on the road with a CBT you may think the on-road section module will be a walk in the park, but it will still need your full concentration as you may have picked up some bad habits over those two years. Your training instructor will have ironed these out during your motorcycle training, but it’s easy to slip back into your old ways if you allow your mind to momentarily wander.

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