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CBT Training Liverpool

We’ve got two CBT Training schools in the Liverpool area which we know will provide you with a great level of training to get you out on the road and riding with confidence. Once you’ve decided which location you want to go to you can book your day of training quickly and simply in Liverpool.

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What Is CBT Training In Liverpool?

CBT Training is the mandatory licence for any rider looking to get on to two wheels. CBT Training takes between 6-8 hours on one day and once complete you will be issued with a CBT certificate. If your CBT Training is successful then the next day you will be road legal, assuming you have insurance.

The aim of the CBT course in Liverpool is to train you to ride safely and our highly trained instructors will help you do so. Whether you choose to ride a moped or motorcycle your training will consist of the same 5 parts of a CBT.

The 5 parts of a CBT consist of an introduction, off-road training, off-road riding, on-road training and on-road riding. The first 4 parts are completed off-road and maneuvers that you will learn will be those such as left and right turns, emergency stops and figure of eights.

Where Can I Take CBT Training In Liverpool?

The first of our two training centres in Liverpool is Aprilia Merseyside, based in Wallasey. The school is located away from the centre of Liverpool, which means quieter roads and an easier time for you during the road riding portion of your CBT Test. The staff at Aprilia Merseyside are extremely knowledgeable and the school offers a wide selection of bikes for you to ride on the day.

Hotwheelz Motorcycle Training are a long-established training school based in Prenton who pride themselves on their friendly atmosphere. Their former students love them too - they’ve got 68 five star ratings on our website - not bad! Much like Aprilia Merseyside, they’re based away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, so you won’t have to worry about traffic on your road ride.

While both schools are located outside the centre of Liverpool, they’re still easy to get to. If you’re travelling from Chester or Ellesmere Port then they’re both located close to the M53.

What Can I Ride With a CBT Licence In Liverpool?

Once you complete our Compulsory Basic Training, you will receive your CBT certificate, which will allow you to ride on the road on L-plates using your provisional licence for up to two years. If after two years you wish to continue riding without upgrading to a full motorcycle licence you will have to retake your CBT.

If you take your CBT at the age of 16 then you’ll only be allowed to ride a scooter or motorcycle with a maximum capacity of 50cc and a restricted top speed of 30mph. There are 50cc motorcycles available, but most people opt for a scooter due to the practicality and ease of use.

Once you turn 17 you can then ride a machine with a maximum capacity of 125cc. The top speed is no longer limited, but a motorcycle or scooter with a 125cc engine will only go so fast! But don’t worry, most modern 125s can keep up with traffic on national speed limit roads.

If you choose to take your driving test in an automatic car, then you will only be qualified to drive automatic cars on the road, but that’s not the case with the CBT. On the day you’ll be given the choice of riding an automatic scooter or a manual motorcycle.

Which one you choose is entirely up to you, but we recommend choosing whichever it is you’re going to be riding once you’ve completed your CBT. It doesn’t make much sense spending a day learning to ride a manual motorcycle when you’re going to spend the next two years riding a twist ‘n’ go scooter. Still unsure? Check out our in-depth comparison between learning on an auto or manual.

Can I Ride A 500cc In Liverpool?

Yes. You will be able to ride a larger sized engine once you complete your full motorbike licence training and tests. On a CBT certificate you will be restricted to a 125cc motorcycle. To ride a larger bike you will need a A1 licence, A2 licence or A licence.

To ride a motorcycle larger than a 125cc then you will need to book your CBT, gain your certificate, take your theory test, gain your certificate and then take your full motorcycle training and motorcycle tests.

How Much Are Motorcycle Lessons In Liverpool?

Motorcycle lessons in Liverpool cost £150 and in fact are not lessons like a car licence where you need to take a large number of lessons before getting out on the road. The first step to getting on two wheels in the UK is by taking CBT Training.

CBT Training is a one day of training that takes between 6-8 hours and following successful completion you will be riding the roads of Liverpool in no time.

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