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Shard End in East Birmingham is a great place to learn to ride a motorcycle or scooter. You may want to ride to commute to work, college or University, you could be thinking about learning so you can apply for courier rider jobs around Birmingham or you may just want to be one of those who want to ride a motorbike for the sheer thrill of it!

Whatever reason you want to learn to ride a scooter or motorbike, RideTo can help you book CBT Training to get you safely on the road.

Where can I do a CBT near Shard End?

If you live in Shard End, RideTo has multiple CBT training partner schools offering motorcycle lessons These include Solo Motorcycle Training in Perry Barr, 1st Motorcycle Training in Kings Heath or another of Solo’s training grounds in Handsworth.

Slightly further afield but still only a short drive away from Shard End is Love 2 Ride in Wednesbury or Wallsall or we also have CBT training sites in Cradley Heath, Brownhills, Tipton or Coventry.

What do I need to ride a motorbike?

To ride a scooter or motorbike upto 125cc (age depending) you will need to take a one day training course called a CBT. This stands for Compulsory Basic Training and it will teach you how to control and maneuver a motorbike.

The CBT isn’t a test, it’s a training course that you need to complete in order to get your CBT licence which enables you to legally ride on certain roads in the UK.

While you can’t really fail a CBT, as it’s not a test, if you show signs that you are not safe to ride after one day of training, through lack of road safety knowledge or not being able to control the motorbike in a safe, controlled manner, you will be asked to complete another day of training.

There are a few requirements and documents you will need to bring with you on your day of motorcycle training. You must have the correct licence, either a UK driving licence or UK provisional.

If you have an EU licence you must have the UK counterpart licence number as well.These also must be the physical versions of the licences - photocopies or images are not accepted.

Also bring with you your National Insurance number just in case of a licence check.

The DVSA requires you to be able to speak and understand English to a good level as your instructor will be teaching you a lot of information over the course of the CBT training day, which will be in English and you will be asked questions at times to show you understand everything.

You need to already know and understand the Highway code, which are the UKs rules on how to drive on roads in the UK. You must have learnt this all before you turn up to your CBT training day.

When you book your CBT course you will be asked to confirm that you are able to ride an adult sized bicycle. This proves you have the skills to balance on a two wheeled vehicle.

Another thing you must be able to do is clearly read a registration plate from 20.5 metres, this checks you have good vision and are safe to be on the road. Remember to bring glasses or contact lenses with you if you need them to read things in the distance.

Lastly make sure you wear the correct protective clothing and bring any gear your training school requires you too. Different CBT training locations provide different items so be sure to check what is included. It will be mentioned in your booking confirmation email or before you book the school profile information.

How much does a CBT in Shard End Cost?

A CBT course, which is one day of training, will cost you between £125 and £150. Browse through our CBT training schools near Shard End above and find a suitable location and time for you!

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