CBT Licence at pontypridd

Booking CBT Training in Pontypridd

Pontypridd is located only 10 miles to the North of Cardiff city centre. RideTo has a CBT training partner school located right in Town run by Motorcycle Training Wales. They offer CBT training courses 7 days a week to suit everyone's schedule!Pontypridd motorcycle training lessons are taught by highly qualified instructors that will guide you through every step of the way of completing your CBT.CBT Training in Pontypridd can be easily accessed by the A470 and therefore offers training options for riders based in Butetown, Cowbridge, Llantwit Major, Cathays, Cyncoed, Grangetown, Pentwyn, Plasnewydd, Portlanna, Splott, Thornhill and Swansea.

Worried about passing your CBT?

If you have any worries about learning to ride in just one day - RideTo’s Peace of Mind Policy might be for you!
Although a CBT isn’t an official test, if your instructor doesn't think you are safe to ride after one day of training, they will tell you to come back for another day of training in order to get your CBT certificate.
By purchasing the Peace of Mind Policy for only an additional £29.99, either at the time of booking your CBT or anytime before your CBT training starts, should you need a second day of training, we at RideTo will pay for it - saving you over £130!
To learn more about the Peace of Mind Policy and the terms and conditions, please click here.

You’ve passed your CBT in Pontypridd - what now?

Once you pass your one day of CBT training you can legally get yourself out on the road! (well as soon as you have the correct documents for your bike that is!)
Whatever bike you ride, whether you buy one, rent one or are given one as part of a job, make sure you are legally allowed to ride it. We have made a helpful guide on UK laws and licences to help you figure out what you can legally ride.
Like a car, your bike must be insured before you ride it on UK roads. It also has to be taxed - luckily this only costs £17 a year though so won’t break the bank!
Also like a car, if your bike is 3 years or older it will need to have an MOT carried out once a year at a garage.
If you buy a scooter or motorbike, the final document to make sure you have is the Vehicle Registration Document (VRD). If you buy a second-hand bike you will need to register it with your personal details. If you buy a brand new bike from a dealer, they will register it with the DVLA for you.

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