Passing your CBT Training in Swansea

If you're looking to book CBT Training in Swansea, then RideTo can sort you out! Use our website to compare and search our different training locations in South Wales to find the most convenient training centre for you, whether that’s based on location or price!

Our motorbike lessons are run by great instructors who will teach you everything you need to know about riding an automatic or manual motorbike, depending on your preference.

Automatic vs Manual

Are you unsure what type of bike to learn on? If you are a complete beginner it is generally easier to get to grips with learning how to ride an automatic bike.

Should you then pass your CBT, you will be legally allowed to ride either an automatic or manual in the future.

Learn more about the differences between learning on an automatic vs manual in our guide on our blog.

If you do learn on an automatic bike and then choose to ride a manual, we would however advise that you take a short Gear Conversion Course beforehand to make sure you fully understand how to control it to be extra safe on the roads.

Swansea Motorcycle Training

CBT Training in Swansea takes place in Neath at Motorcycle Training Wales which is located to the East of Swansea city centre.

Alternatively, if that location isn’t suitable we have training schools to the West of Swansea, such as West Wales Motorcycle Training in Tenby or to the East of Swansea in Cardiff, at either another of Motorcycle Training Wales’ other site in Pontypridd or Bridgend Motorcycle Training Centre in Cowbridge.

RideTo covers the following popular areas in Swansea for CBT Training: Baglan, Briton Ferry, Cadoxton, Neath, Porthcawl, Port Talbot, Sketty and Skewen.

What happens during CBT Training?

At RideTo we support you every step of the way so you are fully prepared to complete the 5 parts of the CBT needed in order to complete your training and get your CBT certificate.

Most people pass after their first day of training so in time you can be riding around town on your dream motorcycle, moped or scooter!

If you are stuck on whether to choose a 50cc vs 125cc then we would recommend starting out on a 50cc if you are a complete beginner before moving to a 125cc when you have more experience on riding on two wheels and have more confidence when out on the roads.

What motorbike to ride after you pass your CBT

The RideTo team are obsessed with bikes so check out our guide on our top 10 favourite motorbikes for new riders to help you pick out your first bike!

There are many reasons you might choose a certain bike, figure out what’s most important to you - is it the price? The environmental impact it has? Or how cool it looks on the road? Maybe it’s a combination of reasons?

If you’re looking for an electric scooter, check out our guide featuring our favourite Electric scooters, covering options that cost between £1,899 to £5,599 to suit all budgets!

If you want a bike that’s going to turn heads, you might want to look at our list of the coolest 125cc motorbikes you can ride with a CBT.

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