CBT Licence at ipswich

Learning to Ride a Motorbike in Ipswich

If you want to learn to ride a motorbike or scooter in Ipswich, you will need to take a one day CBT training course, which stands for Compulsory Basic Training.RideTo has a partner school based right in the centre of Ipswich, helping you get on the road in no time! CBT training takes place at Excel Motorcycle Training Ipswich who have their training ground at Kesgrave School and offer CBT courses 7 days a week.

What licence do I need for a CBT training?

On the day of your training you will need to bring with you your Full or Provisional UK Driving Licence or EU Driving Licence (with counterpart D9 licence).It must be the physical licence, a photocopy or photo of your licence will not be accepted.If you are waiting for your licence to arrive in the post it’s best to wait until you have it in person before you make a CBT booking as there can often be delays with issuing them or hold ups with the post.

Why ride a motorbike in Ipswich / Suffolk

Motorcycles are a great form of transport for living near the coast. There are so many rides you can go on from Ipswich as your base.
Once you have passed your CBT training, Southwold is only an hour's ride away and as you gradually gain more confidence in riding longer distances, you could always head further North along the coast to Great Yarmouth.
If you want to head South rather than North, then Southend-on-Sea is always a great idea, especially on a sunny, warm day! The great thing about the roads near Ipswich is that they are all CBT licence friendly as the largest roads are only A roads. Do remember if you choose to ride around other parts of the country, you must avoid motorways as you are legal to ride on these with a CBT.

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