CBT Licence at newmarket

CBT Training in Newmarket

Taking your CBT training in Newmarket is a lot easier than you think, and we have all the information you need to book your CBT training. So let us get you on the way to getting your bike licence and to getting out on the road.

You can expect your CBT in Newmarket - which stands for Compulsory Basic Training - to last up to 8 hours and all you need to complete it is a UK provisional licence and to be at least 16 years of age.

If you’re looking to take your CBT training in Newmarket or the Suffolk area in general then there are a few, really good motorcycle training schools all within close distance that should be excellently suited to your needs.

What does the CBT involve in Newmarket?

During your CBT, the instructor will test you on your knowledge of the highway code, so it’s wise to spend a little bit of time studying this to make sure you know the basics. To do this, we really do recommend using YouTube. It’s easier than ever to prepare for your CBT, and there are plenty of YouTube videos detailing the CBT itself.

It would also be wise to brush up on the basic theory of riding a motorcycle or scooter, but make sure you know which type of machine you intend to ride first. There’s no point learning how to ride a motorcycle, if you end up riding a scooter. You can check out our more in-depth guide to prepare for your CBT here

There is some good new however, because contrary to what most people think, there is no actual test involved with your CBT as there is with a full motorcycle licence - it’s literally just a day of training that is intended to help you get to grips with the basic skills and knowledge required for motorcycle or scooter riding.

So when we say that you’ll be ‘tested’ on your highway code knowledge, it’s really just to check that you understand the basics of road markings and signs.

The good news here is that you don’t need to worry about revising anything specific before the day, but it will may help to brush up on a few things. Luckily, we have plenty of handy guides and articles which will help prepare you for your CBT and there are plenty of resources online that will help you discover the answer to any specific questions that you might have.

What equipment do I need for the CBT?

The training partner will provide the specialty riding equipment that you need for the day, such as a helmet, gloves and jacket. For your lower half you’ll want to wear the sturdiest pair of trousers you own, such as some thick jeans. You’ll want something equally sturdy on your feet, such as walking boots.

Depending upon the time of year and the weather you may also need to consider purchasing a waterproof jacket or even a set of cheap waterproof - and windproof - overalls. It’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast during the week before your CBT training just to be sure.

Still a little unsure about what to expect during your CBT test in Belle Vue? Don’t worry, we’ve answered the most common questions about the CBT test here.

What kind of bike can I ride with my CBT?

If you choose to book your CBT training in Newmarket on an automatic machine, such as a scooter or a moped, then you won’t be limited to just automatic machines once you head out onto the road on your own - which means that you’ll be able to ride a geared motorcycle should you wish to change your style of bike later on.

There’s need to worry about not owning your own motorcycle or scooter for your CBT, the school in Belle Vue will provide you with one you can use.

How much does a CBT cost?

As for the cost of a CBT, this does vary dependent upon the time of year, the time of day and the location in which you choose to take your CBT training course.

For a successful CBT training session in Newmarket, you can expect your CBT cost to be around the £100 - £140 mark.

But once the day-long session is over you will be able to hit the local Newmarket roads with a fresh set of L-Plates and the confidence and ability needed for safe, road riding.

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