CBT Licence at clapham

Clapham CBT Training

Motorcycle and scooters are the perfect antidote to the congested roads of Clapham and London, and taking your CBT Training in Clapham will get you on the road on two wheels quicker than you thought.

We currently have a number of CBT training schools located near Clapham. Phoenix Motorcycle Training, located in Crystal Palace, are a long established school who offer a large choice of motorcycles and scooters for your to complete your CBT. Phoenix will also supply you with a jacket, boots, helmets and gloves. They’re the UK's first MCIAC Gold Standard School, which means they provide the very best training in the UK.

LMRT are a little further away in Lewisham. They’re a long established school with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Since they’re further from central London the local roads are quiet - perfect for new riders.

Off The Kerb Motorcycle Training are based north of the river Thames in Shepherds Bush and boast a spacious off-road training area, and a good range of motorcycles and scooter. The local roads are quiet and varied.

What bike can you ride with a CBT?

Depending on your age, you will be limited to a motorcycle or scooter with a 50cc or 125cc engine. At 16-years-old you’ll be limited to the smaller 50cc capacity, as well a top speed of 30mph. 30mph doesn’t sound like much, but it’s more or less all you need for central London. Scooters are the most popular type of 50cc machines, due to their practicality and ease of use.The most popular choice of 50cc bikes are scooters, which provide great ease of use and practicality. You won’t have to worry about gears or a clutch - all you have to do is twist the throttle and pull the brake levers. Scooters usually offer some form of underseat storage, and although the capacity can differ between models and manufacturers, most will be able to fit a full face helmet under the seat.

50cc motorcycles are much less popular. Motorcycles usually offer a little more fun than scooters, but because all 50cc motorcycles are restricted to 30mph, you will spend a lot of time changing up and down the gears for little gain.

If you’re 17-years-old or above you’ll be able to ride bikes with a maximum capacity of 125cc and maximum power of 11kW. You won’t be limited to any particular top speed, so you’ll be able to keep up with traffic both in and out of the city. 125cc bikes are incredibly popular in cities, as they’re incredibly lightweight - which means they’re easy to handle - and they have enough power to make city riding fun and hassle-free.

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