CBT Licence at brixton

Brixton CBT Training

Brixton is well connected to one of RideTo's CBT Training Partner sites based in Crystal Palace, run by Phoenix Motorcycle Training.It only takes around 20 - 30 minutes by bus to get from Brixton Train Station to the site at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre by using Bus Route 3. Remember to leave plenty of time to get to your CBT training though as you won’t be able to join in if you turn up late and will have to pay for another day of training. This rule set by the DVSA is in place to ensure no rider misses any key safety information given at the start of the training session.

How much is a CBT Motorcycle Lesson in Brixton?

Prices of CBT training vary between different training schools, this is because they are based in different locations, have varying levels of facilities and offer slightly different packages when it comes to what gear is included and what you need to bring with you.
CBT training in Brixton will cost anywhere between £145 to £180. Be sure to read about the facilities and gear provided at each training school by clicking on the details button on each of our partner school profiles above.

CBT Training Requirements

The good news is that you don’t have to have already learnt to drive a car to take your CBT motorcycle training course. You will however need a provisional UK Driving licence - if you don’t have yours yet you will need to apply online for one.
Whether you have a valid UK provisional or full driving licence (or EU licence with UK counterpart) you will need to bring the physical licence with you on your CBT training day and bring your national insurance number too.
Being able to speak and understand English to a good level is key as you will be taught in English and required to answer any questions your instructor may ask to make sure you are understanding everything you are being taught.
You will need to understand the rules of the road so make sure you study the Highway Code to understand different road signs, traffic lights, roundabouts and road positioning.If the instructor doesn’t think you know how to safely ride on the roads and be around other road traffic they may ask you to come back and pay for another day of training once you have learnt the Highway Code in full.
Other things to bring are your glasses or contact lenses if you need them to read number plates and road signs in the distance. There will be an eye test to make sure you can see well at the start of your training, which you will need to pass in order to continue with the course.

Also, wear the correct clothing as stated in this guide. Your booking confirmation email will also state what you need to wear and bring with you, which you will receive once your CBT training has been confirmed by an instructor. Turning up in incorrect clothing may mean you aren’t able to train and you will have to book and pay again for another CBT course.

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