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Guide 5: Understanding Traffic Lights


James B · December 18, 2018

Traffic lights are an easy component of your CBT training yet highly misunderstood by many learner riders. With the right understanding of rules and best practice for traffic lights, your CBT training and road riding will be a lot less stressful and more safe. Read on for our top tips and the basic rules for traffic lights.

RED means ‘Stop’

Wait behind the stop line on the road.

RED AND YELLOW also means ‘Stop’

Wait behind the stop line and do not pass through or start until GREEN shows.

GREEN means you may go providing it is safe and clear to do so

Look in the direction of travel if you intend to turn left or right and take special care for any crossing pedestrians.

YELLOW means ‘Stop’ before the stop line

Drive ahead only if the yellow light appears after you have crossed the stop line or are so close to it that to pull up might cause an accident.

The order of traffic lights is as follows:

  1. Red
  2. Red and Yellow
  3. Green
  4. Yellow
  5. Red

Traffic lights are straightforward in principle. The key learning for new riders is to understand the order and be able to anticipate changes in traffic conditions and potential dangers. Read on to complete the Pre CBT learning with our final guide.

Guide 6: Road Riding Theory and Safety

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