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If you're looking to take your CBT test in Putney, we have a fantastic choice of schools in Putney and throughout South West London.

How Much Does A CBT Cost In Putney?

The training costs can vary depending on the school mainly down to varying costs such as site rental, gear, bikes etc. That being said, around the Putney area you can expect to pay around £140-£180.

Where Can I Complete a CBT Test in Putney?

Hop on a train and get yourself over to Off The Kerb in Shepherds Bush. Their training ground is based at White City Territorial Army Centre and is surprisingly spacious and quiet considering its central London location.

If you would prefer to head South, then Universal Motorcycle Training in Wimbledon is another great training school offering courses on weekdays from Goals Soccer Centre.

To see all of the CBT test centres within a 30-mile radius of Putney, enter your postcode above and check out more of our RideTo partner schools.

What Can I Ride After My CBT?

Once you have passed your CBT test you will be able to ride a 125cc machine, unless of course, you're under the age of 17 in which case you are limited to a 50cc machine. Unlike a car test, if you pass your CBT on an automatic scooter you will also be allowed to ride a manual bike - however, here at RideTo we always recommend learning on whatever type of machine you plan on riding.

Why not check out our blog on The Coolest Motorbikes You Can Ride With A CBT Licence for some inspiration.

Where to Ride Once I Have My CBT?

If you're based in Putney then there are a fair few options for great rides from London. London to Windsor takes you through Richmond and Hampton court and rolling into the beautiful town of Windsor. If you fancy heading further afield then why not try out London to Brighton route.

What Are the Next Steps to Getting on a Bigger Bike?

So if you've got the first step of completing your CBT test then you're already on your way to riding a 'big bike'. Get your experience up then your next step is to take a motorcycle theory test. Whilst this is similar to the theory test you take when learning to drive, the test itself is specifically aimed at motorcycles and is made up of a theory and a hazard perception test.

After you've completed the first two steps you'll need to get yourself booked into some motorcycle training to take you through your Mod 1 and Mod 2 to get your full licence. We usually recommend around 4-7 days of training but this can change depending on your experience.

Book Motorcycle Lessons in Putney

You can get started with motorcycle lessons for as little as £99 in Putney. Just search your postcode to find availability in your area. To book motorcycle lessons before your CBT Training you can take an Introduction to Motorcycling course. This will give you a quick 2-3 hour course as a taster session before you commence your CBT Test that takes 1 day to complete.

Are Motorbikes a Good Mode of Transport in Putney, London?

Putney is a great central location to live in and should be a convenient base for getting around London. Sometimes though, short distances can take a long time to travel to by bus or train.

Add into that rush hour or delays and it can be really frustrating travelling around the capital!

Hopefully, the reason you are reading this page is that you have considered learning to ride a motorbike? We can safely say that getting around London by motorbike is an excellent mode of transport.

It’s in fact why our Founder, James learnt to ride. Fed up with commuting across London from West to South East, he completed a CBT test and got himself a second hand Vespa. The freedom and flexibility totally changed his commute and made it something he looked forward to rather than dreaded.

So why not enter your postcode above to find a local CBT test centre and start your journey of learning to ride today!

Do I Need to Do a CBT to Ride a Moped?

Unless you passed your full driver's licence by February 1st 2001, you will have to complete a CBT to ride even a 50cc moped on UK roads.

Those who passed their drivers licence before this date can ride a 50cc moped without the need to take a CBT but to ride anything with a larger engine such as a 125cc scooter or motorbike requires the completion of a CBT course.

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