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Do I need to buy a motorcycle before my CBT test in High Wycombe?

No, not at all. Infact, even if you do own your own motorcycle, you are not allowed to ride this to your CBT test centre without a valid CBT certificate. The bike must also be fully road legal, taxed, MOT’d and insured. All of our CBT test centres offer rental motorcycles or scooters to take your CBT on, offering a much easier solution.

Our top 5 nearest schools to High Wycombe are Watford, Reading, Feltham, Wembley and Edgware. All these sites offer bike rental for your training as part of their price package. To find the perfect CBT test location for you, head over to the RideTo CBT location search engine, pop in your postcode and choose the best location for your location and budget - simple!

Do I need to take a theory test before my CBT test in High Wycombe?

No - you do not need to take a theory test before your CBT. You will only need to do this if you plan to go onto a full motorcycle licence. It is a great idea, however, to brush up on your highway code as you would need to show a basic knowledge of understanding the rules of the road. If you are not able to demonstrate a decent knowledge of the highway code on your CBT test, you may not be able to progress to the next stage of your CBT test, so this is important. Our New Rider Journal is the perfect book in your library for this! This knowledge will prove invaluable to you during the practical side of your CBT and allow you to concentrate on your motorcycle skills.

How long is my CBT valid for?

Your CBT is valid for 2 years after you get your certificate. If you get your full licence before your CBT certificate expires, then you will not need to renew. However, if you want to continue riding on a CBT certificate after 2 years, you will need to retake your CBT before it expires.

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