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Finding a CBT Test in Crosby

The coastal town of Crosby in Merseyside is surrounded by 3 large UK cities - Manchester, Liverpool and Preston. All of these cities offer CBT tests where you can learn to ride a motorbike that are easily accessible from Crosby.

The closest of our partner training schools to Crosby is Wallasey Motorcycle training.

Whilst out on the road ride element of your CBT test, the local roads around Liverpool and Birkenhead provide a mix of learning environments from busy city streets, tunnels and quieter coastal and residential roads.

Other CBT test centres within a 30 mile radius of Crosby are Riverview Motorcycle Rider Training in Preston and Scotti Knights Motorcycle Training in Sale near Manchester.

Taking a CBT test in and around Crosby will cost you between £150 - £170 depending on where you choose to train.

Enter your postcode above in the search box to browse your nearest RideTo partner test schools.

What Is Included in the Price of a CBT Test?

All training schools provide you with a bike to train on for the day, you can choose whether you want to learn on an automatic scooter or manual 125cc motorbike.

The cost of your CBT test then involves a whole day of training lasting between 6-8 hours run by a qualified instructor at a training ground.

Once you have completed the day of training you will be issued with your CBT certificate to state you can legally ride on UK roads. Check out what you are allowed to ride and the various restrictions which are based on your age over on our law and licences guide.

Other things that might be included in your CBT package are the hire of a helmet and/or jacket and gloves to use while training.

These aren’t always included so check the icons on each CBT school's profile when searching to book your CBT.

What Happens in a CBT Test?

Although referred to as a test, a CBT is just a training course that lasts one day. During your CBT test near Crosby, you will be taught all you need to know to learn to ride a 50cc scooter or 125cc motorbike.

The day will start with a welcome and introduction from your instructor, they will then ask you to complete an eyesight check to ensure your vision is good enough to safely be on the roads.

if you cannot read a registration plate from 20.5 metres (with glasses if needs be) your training will be terminated.

The fun part of your training then begins, starting with a demonstration of how a motorbike works. Your instructor will explain what all the controls do as well as how to maintain a bike and how to complete the necessary safety checks before you set off for each ride.

You’ll be given time to try out everything you’ve been taught so far before then being shown how to control the bike during maneuvers.

You will get lots of time to practice at the training ground until you feel confident.

Next up is learning how to ride alongside other road users. You will be shown diagrams and your instructor will explain how The Highway Code works as a motorcyclist.

You will however need to know and understand The Highway Code before you attend your CBT test.

The last part of the day is a 2 hour road ride where you will need to show your instructor you have learnt how to ride and control and bike on the roads safely.

They will ride behind you and observe your riding, telling you directions through an earpiece.

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