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Canning Town is surrounded by many CBT test centres scattered around East London so you have lots of options to choose from. Our simple booking system can get you booked in for a CBT test in just 6 clicks! So type your postcode in the search box above to start your journey into getting on two wheels!

You might decide to choose a location based on how easy it is to get to on public transport or based on what gear they supply for you to wear on your training day.

A scooter or motorbike is always supplied and depending on the training school you may be provided with a helmet and sometimes gloves and a protective jacket too.

You are always required to turn up to your training wearing sturdy boots with ankle support and rip-free jeans or other thick protective trousers. So make sure you have these items, if you don’t we sell lots of options from different brands covering all budgets over on the RideTo Store.

Where to pass CBT Test near Canning Town, East London

There are two RideTo partner schools both within 5 miles of Canning Town, BLT in Thamesmead is marginally closer however if you are travelling by public transport you may find it’s easier and quicker to get to SL Motorcycle Training based in Dagenham.

Other motorcycle training grounds in East London that are worth looking at are Edventure Rider in Chingford or either of 1 Stop Instructions sites in Tottenham or Ilford.

Is London Safe to Ride a Scooter Around?

Riding a motorcycle around London can be pretty daunting whether you are commuting or riding as part of your job. Add in rush hour and/or bad weather and you may feel even more nervous…

RideTo has some top tips to help you stay safe when riding around central, to see all 10 tips head over to our blog post: Top Tips For Riding a Motorcycle in London.

The main priority is to always be visible. This could mean making sure you are always in the correct place on the road so other road users know you are there, or it could mean wearing suitable reflective clothing and checking your lights are working correctly in the dark and/or when it’s bad weather and visibility is poor.

To a motorcyclist, pedestrians in London can be more of a nightmare than other road users as they often carelessly walk out into the road when it’s not safe to do so. Stay alert and be especially cautious of Uber and Taxi’s swerving to pick up and drop off customers.

Buses are also notorious for indicating late or forgetting to indicate at all so avoid being on the inside of them at all times.

Don’t let these issues put you off booking a CBT test though as there are many positive reasons to ride in London. It’s often a cheaper option and it can sometimes get you places more quickly. Most importantly though, it means you avoid crowded, unreliable public transport!

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We’re proud to announce that Triumph, Britain’s most iconic motorcycle brand, have partnered with RideTo. Together, we’re enhancing our offerings to provide even more comprehensive training and unforgettable experiences for those embarking on their journey to two-wheeled freedom.

UK’s #1 platform for motorcycle training

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