Edventure Rider Chingford

Edventure Rider Chingford, Goals Soccer Centre, 3 Morrison Avenue, Chingford, London, E4 8SN

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Edventure Rider Chingford, Goals Soccer Centre, 3 Morrison Avenue, Chingford, London, E4 8SN


Cristian Rarinca
Another nice day with Diayn. This person just make you feel so confident and comfortable on the motorcycle! 100% positive feedback! Can’t wait to meet you on the roads👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🏍️🏍️, Many thanks!
Ope Akint
Ian, was a pleasant and patient instructor who gave solid advice and instilled confidence in me for my CBT today. I hope to have Ian again when I take my full license!
Dusko Rupcic
Ian was my instructor today. I very much enjoyed my experience and learned some good new things about riding. I highly recommend this school and it's instructors. May come back for my full license in future,
Cher ET
First ever time on a bike!! Bart was amazing, knowledgeable and reassuring. at the end of the day I felt confident, comfortable and safe. I can’t wait to put my licence to use and have lots of fun! Highly recommended.
David Cliff
I’ve had multiple lessons with Edventure rider and have found all instructors I have worked with to be encouraging and helpful when learning to ride. I went from being able to ride a bicycle as my only experience to fully learning how to ride a 125cc manual and all the fundamental skills and attitudes need to safely ride. Bart was my instructor when I passed and he was incredibly understanding and helped me develop and learn from my mistakes. Equipment was properly maintained and good quality gear was supplied if needed. Overall it was a great experience and Edventure rider Thurrock is a great place to learn how to ride an automatic or manual.
Aaron Morgan
Amazing experience, really friendly, they slowly take you through everything allowing you to take it all in. my instructor Bart made sure we were all safe and had the best experience possible. I really highly recommend. Loved it here.
ben woodhouse
CBT completed today with Bart and from start to finish he was brilliant. Clear and easy to follow instructions with good coaching tips. Looking forward to taking the next steps soon after todays experience. Thank you
Fairus meduvil
It was a very nice experience! Very detailed training and instructor Bart was very helpful . Learnt a lot from this session . So happy with result as well ! Highly recommended if you are not much confident in taking your CBT because instructors are so friendly and helpful 😇
Jack Andrews
Thanks Bart! My first day riding a motorcycle but happy to achieve my CBT at Edventure, it's a challenging day but at all times I was supported and assisted when I needed extra help with any of the elements. Look forward to more training in the future!
Michael Robertson
Fantastic day made easy with a very polite and nice instructor. Training made easy after doing it for a second time. Bart was great to be around if I need to do it again I would happily chose it again.
Peter Khalil
Had a great day of learning with Bart! Safe and clear instructions with lots of time to go through everything. Would highly recommend
kerri flanagan
I completed both my CBT and Full licence with these guys and have to say the support, patience and help given was amazing! I found it incredibly difficult to master a few particular slow skills and yet both Ed and Graham showed nothing other than patience and encouragement, trying to find different ways of explaining what I needed to do in order to help me achieve it. (I was fuming, frustrated and ready to quit! 😂) I was reassured by Ed on more than one occasion and eventually just gave in and did what he said…it worked 😂 They managed to get me through both Mod 1 and Mod 2 first time, within the space of 2 weeks! Can’t thank you guys enough!!
sergiu Lutic
Yes for Bart. He give me good experience, lots of patience, practice and i am very happy. I can feel myself safe on the road
Harvey S
Great experience yesterday with Ed! Having only rode a moped on holiday and being a slow rider, Ed showed a lot of patience with me especially as i went manual. Ed is a great teacher and really drums in the core principles. He's the type of teacher I really respect, very skilled, notices everything and firm when required. The CBT took about 6 hours and the road riding part was the most fun part. Clear instructions from Ed and plenty of excellent advice. Would recommend!
Helen Wilson
I will highly recommend this riding school! I was doing my CBT I am very happy with my experience! I had a friendly instructor, who took us through each step with clear instructions and at an adaptable pace. Support was constant, questions welcomed and if at any point something needed further information or a demonstration it was happily given. The perfect environment to pass and feel confident riding on the road. I will be coming back for my further motorcycle qualifications!!
Did my CBT today with Ian instructing, I highly recommend this training establishment. I went from zero motorcycling experience to feeling comfortable on the road by the end of the day. Ian was an excellent tutor and despite the torrential rain I had a great experience. I cannot thank Ian enough and will be back to do my Full licence in the future. Thanks again.
Claudio Di Fede
I had my cbt completed at Edventure Rider in Thurrock this morning with Ed. He was very explicative and really patient when his instructions were not followed promptly. He was paying attention to every detail and showing the exercise before letting me do it. If I could give more I would definitely do. Lovely person, great experience!
Paul Mullen
Edventure Rider is the best training provider that I have encountered. The teaching method is second to none, they explain things in an easy to understand way, demonstrate it and then have you practice until you've got the manoeuvre down to a fine art. There is no pressure on the course, no shouting or swearing Ed is a great instructor.
Chris Kane
Recently did my CBT with Graham at Hatfield. I was a complete novice, never been on a bike before. Graham explained everything in a way I could understand. There was lots of intensive practice before going out on the road. A car driver pulled out in front of me almost immediately. This shook me up so Graham stopped us, calmed me down and checked when I was ready to continue. By the end I felt so much more confident and ready to buy myself a bike... He also refused to take another rider on the road who clearly knew nothing of the highway code even given multiple chances. Graham explained the reason why and this showed it was a professional outfit that cared about safety first... He talked a lot about being safe and even stayed behind after a long day giving me advice about clothing and bikes. I found this very helpful. I would highly recommend this course.
Edward Karam
Did my CBT with Alan. He was very professional, great instructor, patient and clear. I came out of it feeling much more confident and ready to start the real learning. The gear they lend you is of good quality and the bikes are perfect for beginners. The day was great fun! Would recommend. Will get back in touch with Alan for my full A licence.
Emma Noakes
Both instructors were so calm and thorough, and take time to make sure you feel confident and safe on the road. Couldn’t have asked for better instructors definitely recommend doing your CBT here! Especially if you’ve not much experience.
haris zafar
I did my CBT with Ed. Really cool guy. I'm a first time rider and was struggling in the beginning but Ed and the team were very patient. Thank you for the excellent service. Highly recommend Edventure Rider
Sergiu Vicovanu
Terrible customer service. I made the very bad decision to go to this company after initially went to a different one. They are quick to charge the money but make whatever changes they want to bookings and let you down. Mine got cancelled and the said no refund will be given because of T and C. DEFINITELY NOT GOOD FOR FOREIGNERS!!! You will be sent home if any language problems. This happened to my dad!
Started the day anxious to ride out on the roads, and the day ended with me feeling more confident than I ever thought I’d be. Excellent staff, great service and the instructor Graham, was very good at explaining everything and helping my confidence with riding so much. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to take their cbt. 6/5 stars
Michaela Witney
Phenomenal. The forecast said it was going to rain all day, which I was dreading to be honest, but both Ed and Graham came with good humour and made it a thoroughly enjoyable day. Both were extremely knowledgable and gave just the right balance of seriousness vs patient encouragement. Would highly recommend!
Tara Gill
Very good, nice trainers and efficient training
👌Excellent training, top instructor☝️passed module 1 & 2 first time 🏍️. Ed is a wonderful and calm person the perfect instructor. Don't compromise, get the licence first time, learn from the best 🔥🔥🔥I recommend Edventure Rider💯👍👍👍 1st of September 2020. 🏍️ANDREI🚚🚛👏🥂
miles payling
I did CBT with Graham. Everything was clear and taught in a straightforward manner. Graham was patient when needed and made sure everyone was up to the safest standard and ready to progress pass each stage. Definitely the best training I've received on a bike and I will certainly be returning for the Direct Access licence if possible.
Shaun Atkinson
Mod 2 now passed. All passed 1st time. This was due to the trainers Graham and Ed really know their stuff. Excellent ways of getting it across. My indicator is no longer left on . Lol Cheers guys. Couldn't have done it without you. I would recommend this school to anyone .
Terry Nightingill
Fantastic place for learning to ride. Me and my brother done our CBT there one Sunday and it was a pleasure to be trained by Ed! We will be returning here definitely once we have done our theory tests for Full Motorcycle training. Nice relaxed enjoyable environment. Thanks
Syed Ismail
Hii this is abdul Best place to get your cbt certificate. Edward good man with great explanation u will get to learn good tips for riding bikes and u must learn and go highways codes because it is most important thing to know the rules of the roads and he is a best teachers had an good experience with him if learn the codes and go then he is gonna support you and teach you tips n tricks of riding Thank to Edward sir
Rob Brown
I attended Edventure Rider yesterday to complete my CBT on a manual bike. I hadn't been on a bike for around 4 years. Despite this Ed was very encouraging and patient with me whilst he began to teach me the skills again. I'm pleased to say that I passed. Like the website says, the equipment is well looked after and all new. No smelly gloves or crash helmets! There is even a good selection of stock you can purchase whilst there. I would 100% recommend booking with Edventure Rider and am in fact looking to book one of Ed's DAS full motorcycle license courses in the very near future. Thanks Ed and I'll be in contact very soon.
c mack996
I couldn't be more happier with the confidence ed gave me to getting the first part of my full license 🙌 I can not wait to go back and start training on the bigger bikes now as I know Ed will have me passed and ready to to go out ASAP. Great instructor, excellent people skills and one of the best instructors around bikes are well looked after and easy to learn with. Very happy 😊
Mo Reza
Started the day at 08:30 Sharp, Recommend you to come earlier. Instructor very knowledgeable and direct. Instructor breaks down the day, so you know whats coming up next. The training felt like an ongoing test but after 20 minutes it became fun! Instructor has sharp vision so make sure you follow his instructions! Reading a previous review about being racial profiled but that's not the case I am a brown asian and i was treated like everyone else. One guy failed so make sure you know your Highway code. Im loving life on my 2020 Pcx i bought straight after passing lol. Be safe and don't take life too seriously guys!
Ruslan Abbas
Excellent service given by the instructor named Graham and I am sure they all as good. I would strongly recommend as very responsible price and very patient and helpful thought the entire day. Thanks again.

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