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Burgess Hill has three motorcycle training schools within a 10 mile radius - all with great public transport links to help you easily get to your CBT test.

By far the nearest as easiest to get to by car or public transport is Bikesmart in Haywards Heath who’s training ground is right in the centre of Haywards Heath near Sainsburys on Burrel Road.

South of Burgess Hill in Brighton is Saferide Motorcycle Training, located in Southwick Football Club, just an 8 minute walk from Fishersgate Train Station.

Crawley, just North of Burgess Hill is another great location for booking your CBT test. Apex Havoc run their training ground from Holy Trinity C of E school and have a large training pad for practicing maneuvers whilst training.

All three schools are located near the South Downs, which means when you are out on the road ride element of your training, you will get to ride across winding country roads with beautiful views of rolling hills.

How much is a CBT Test in West Sussex

CBT tests around West Sussex cost around £145 - £160 for a one day training course. Prices vary between each partner training school, as they offer slightly different packages and on site facilities. Be sure to check what is offered such as which gear items are included / not included on the school information tab.

Learn to Ride On a Automatic or Manual

Once you have chosen the CBT test centre you want to train at and which day of the week and time etc you want to do your CBT test on, the next decision you will need to make is whether you would like to train on a 50cc automatic scooter or 125cc manual motorbike.

The training course is the same length of time for whichever you choose and it’s likely there will be people learning on both types of bike on your course. During the part of the training day based in the classroom, your instructor will teach you how to ride both types of bike.

If you choose a 50cc automatic scooter however you won’t need to worry about actually using the clutch or changing gears, which means it’s a slightly easier option and we would recommend this option if you have never ridden any form of motorbike before. As there is a lot to learn in just one day of training you may find learning on an automatic scooter will be more straightforward.

If you pass your CBT test on an automatic scooter you are legally allowed to then purchase and ride a geared bike (age permitting) straight away or in the future.

If you haven’t had the chance to practice riding using a clutch we would then recommend you complete an additional 2 hour training course called a Gear Conversion Course. This will make sure you’re a safe rider when out on the roads on a manual bike.

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