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Bikewize Motorcycle Training, 34A Central Road, , Worcester Park, KT4 8HZ

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Bikewize Motorcycle Training, 34A Central Road, , Worcester Park, KT4 8HZ


George Wait
Brilliant day training with the guys! Elliot my instructor was a natural communicator and teacher and knew the importance of making us comfortable and relaxed in order to absorb the info we needed. The training is paced really nicely so you leave every exercise surprised by how confident you feel. Couldn’t fault the day. 10/10
Aamir MJ
I've only been in England for a few months and this has honestly been one of the most friendliest and jovial encounters I've had in this country so far! Both Lyndon and Stu were to the point and made it a point not to waste time but was hilarious as well. Engaging with the students continuously and making the CBT training such an easy and enjoyable experience for beginners and even experienced riders like myself. Hats off to bikewize and I'll be back soon for my DAS too! Cheers! Aamir
charles gourgey
To the team at Bikewize Big thank you for your professionalism and friendliness I received from you during my training. Special thanks to Jim who gave me a lot of confidence and knowledge. Highly recommend this company to anyone looking for more than just a training school, they go the extra mile!
James Karma
Really good training school. I’ve done both my CBT’s here and have really enjoyed them both. All the instructors were very helpful, always on hand to give advice was just an overall pleasant experience. I would recommend
Patrick McGrath
Great place to get your bike training. The team is great starting with Lyanna always helpful and accommodating last minute requests with a smile, Elliot one of the bike trainers always with a smile and positive attitude and Jim merits a special note: he is tough but fair, always looking to ensure you are doing the right things, awareness, signs and above all safety, love his sense of dry humour. I say if you can't deal with Jim don't ride a bike. He knows his stuff. They all do at Bikewise. Book your course it will not disappoint! Aces!!!
Took my CBT here. The experience was both memorable and enjoyable. Lyndon the instructor is an honest to god professional, he not only has the knowledge and ability to effectively teach. But he made the experience enjoyable with his energy and passion that he has for bike riding!
Alexander Jardim
An amazing team. Instructors as good as they come. Did two DAS courses with the team and each lesson was incredibly fun, everyone is very welcoming and all happy to find new ways to help overcome any riding issues you may have. Special thanks to Lyanna for squeezing me into assessments and lessons around my incredibly hectic lifestyle. Thank you very much for all your help team.
Sam Poplett
Bloody brilliant. my instructor El, was brilliant at keeping me safe, while making sure it was still fun. will definitely be coming back when i renew my CBT. 100% recommend for anyone looking for a CBT. everyone in the office was lovely, and helped me to understand things that confused me on the road.
Passed my CBT today and Lyndon and Elliot were our instructors, they were really nice and took the time to make sure we were all competent before the road ride. We got loads of time to practice and Lyndon helped me calm my nerves during the road ride which made completing my CBT a lot easier, I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn how to ride
Ahmed Kamal
I am really happy to get pass my CBT at this training center. Especially the instructor "JAY" is an amazing guy, very supportive and experienced instructor. I highly recommend him to everyone wants to get CBT. Thanks Jay...
Aglaia Li
I did my CBT renewal yesterday and I only have fantastic things to say. My instructor Lyndon was such a nice guy, he helped me feel more comfortable on the bike and made the whole experience entertaining! We were very lucky with the weather but I know that even if it had been raining, Lyndon would have made it fun. Thank you so much!
Max Procter
Amazing team on all fronts. Completed my DAS first time! I had forgotten my CBT certificate on day 1, however the team was really accomodating and I managed to complete the rest of my training without a hitch. Elliot was an amazing instructor with great knowledge of both safe riding and the test structure. Super supportive and resourceful. Cannot recommend enough :)
saqib bhinder
I went for my CBT yesterday and the instructor was really helpful. The environment was also good. My instructor for the day ‘J Macnamara’ helped me understand the basics and guided me during the on road training were needed politely and in a friendly manner. I was able to pass the training because of him easily. I highly recommend this instructor.
Jake Graham
On behalf of Jason: I attended a motorbike training course with Bikewize, and unfortunately, the experience left a distressingly negative impact on me. I enrolled with a passion for motorbiking and an ambition to obtain my bike license, but the unacceptable conduct of the instructor compelled me to rethink my aspirations and sell my bike in disappointment. The assigned instructor's "military style" training approach was not only inappropriate but was also detrimental to the overall learning environment. His consistent rudeness and aggression made the training oppressive, overshadowing any potential educational value. This is not what I expected when signing up for a training program to improve my biking skills. This situation has left me disheartened. I thought Bikewize was a reputable organization, known for its quality training and professional instructors. However, my experience suggests otherwise. It is unacceptable that any trainee should endure such a hostile environment that forces them to abandon their ambitions. Under these circumstances, I believe it is only fair to demand a full refund for the unsatisfactory and traumatizing experience I had, stemming from the poor conduct of the employee. This was not granted. Avoid at all costs.
I did my CBT today, and apart from some beginner struggles I thoroughly enjoyed it. Instructor Stu was very good at explaining things and making sure we got into the right habits early and credit to him he kept on believing in me when I was having trouble with the U turns. Would highly recommend to anyone else local that is wanting to learn how to ride a motorbike.
Passed my full motorcycle license first time with Bikewize. Trained with Paul and Jim, they were excellent guys. Really enjoyed my days training with them. Lovely service provided by Lyanna. Would definitely recommend
Better late than never! I passed my CBT first time with Bikewise back in 2021 and was really happy with Elliots cool, calm and mature approach. He is a great guy making the day fun as well as giving us great advice on what gear to purchase. Lyanna was also very helpful from the begining offering advice on what course to take both for the CBT and DAS courses. Plus with all the bookings and managing the dates in the busy summer period. I have to admit, Jim is an 'old school whoop you into shape' kind of instructor!- So I had to adjust, but he is nice guy and very knowledgable. (Just go a little easier on the learners Jim!) ;) -BIKEWISE got me through CBT & DAS so I could ride my dream bikes- so a big thank you and recomendation for them.
Bikewize is a fantastic training school to get the licence you're looking for. There's still a large backlog of people wanting to to do their full licence (at the time of writing) but they were very helpful in finding me training and test dates. The instructors are long term riders, they know their business and will get you ready for the test. I did my full licence with them, but I also met some of the CBT instructors who seemed like more of the same. Great place, I can definitely recommend them if you want to get on 2 wheels. Thank you Bikewize!
Derek Al
I had Lyndon as my instructor, he was cool, I made a few mistakes on the 1st run, basically a few bad habits I picked up as a delivery driver and Lyndon was very informative with his instructions and straight forward with me which was fair as I knew I made a couple of small errors but feel I was much better on the 2nd run. I was a bit nervous but started to ride better towards the end and on the whole I enjoyed my experience with Bikewize. I would say they're a firm but fair motorcycle training company. I feel safer after being taught by Lyndon so thank you.
Steven Gwatkin
Had my CBT at Bikewize with Lyndon. It was a really good day and the training was excellent. Having never ridden a motorcycle before, Lyndon made it very enjoyable and the learning comfortable. Also felt very at ease out on the road with him. Would recommend highly. 👌
Scarlet King
I completed my CBT today and would highly recommend them. When we started training on the bike, I struggled as this was my first time, they took the time and effort to go over everything with me and to make me more comfortable on the bike before moving onto something new. They showed respect and patience when things weren’t correct and they were all very friendly and polite. I would definitely recommend Bikewize to anyone who wants to complete their CBT, I will also be returning for my gears upgrade, as well as, my full licence in the future. 👍🏽☺️
Anamul Hasan Khan Jamil
One of the best place to do the CBT test. The instructor was crazy nice at the same time very patient also. Highly recommended 👍👍
There is no question that someones learning and progression is greatly impacted by the way they are taught, where the difference between passing and failing is greatly down to an instructors attitude and commitment to the students where they educate in a way everyone understands. After doing my CBT I felt it was important for others to understand what I saw and experienced today so that it can help them in selecting both a school and more importantly an instructor. I would firstly like to thank El, my instructor teaching the CBT. From the get go he was friendly when introducing us to what the day was going to bring and kept us well informed as to what he expected from us through out the day and how he would help us get closer to riding on two wheels. The atmostphere was great and that was down to Els teaching style where you are learning through a discussion and Q&A rather than being lectured which isnt always the most beneficial way everyone takes aboard information. Having 3 students to teach with different riding abilities and road knowledge showed me how well he could cater to us, this meant explaining things in a slightly different way that helps you understand and iron out any misconceptions or phrasing questions that gets us thinking before sharing the answer, it was engaging and it was a great learning environment. The theory inside the classroom was filled with anecdotes which linked what we were learning into a real life scenario and ultimately making it more enjoyable to hear and take on aboard as well! The inspection of the bikes was thorough and informative talking about safety and legal requirements for the bike. During the session off the road I like how attentive El was towards all of us and his reminders and advice helped get everything together. Fortunately I have had some riding experience but even then it did take time for it to come back to me. It made me happy and quite pleased to see someone really focused on helping and I had no doubt that if someone needed extra support that he would go that extra mile and spend it with them so that they feel more comfortable and prepared to get out on two wheels! We got a great amount of time off the road to practice, manouevers were explained well and there isnt all much else to say other than the rest of what happened was in our hands to deliver upon! Understandably, learning to ride in a day can be quite intensive and people learn at different rates, I liked how Els attitude and manner brought confidence to students instead of bringing them down, that Positive mental attitude significantly helps. That being said realism is also a good thing and an unsafe rider would not be let out onto the road, we took time to reflect on how everything was going, where our points to improve on were and how we were going to address them so that we ALL have the BEST chance possible to get the certificate. Personally Els belief in me made a great deal in how I performed and addressed things in my riding, he took the time to run through what I was doing and highlighted that so it could be done better next time around, it made me really glad to see that being done with a keen rider who needed that little bit extra to get up there as it can be so easy to give up on someone and in my eyes it is more impressive to see the progression someone has made than who is simply the best, that is a great indicator of who can actually teach compared to a experienced student who already knew it. Everything felt more natural when on the road and clear instructons were always recieved. Back to what I said about someones commitment, El 100% went the extra mile taking more time than others would have to support students, It was great to see 3 pass and I could see just how much it meant to some. That potential and safety was brought out because of every little thing that had been done by El during the course of the day and I send a massive thank you! With a theory test booked I can not wait to ride your brand new CB500s for my A2, I will be in touch and hopefully see you all soon :)
Stanko Saczek
Best place to learn by far. Always reply and try to get you in as quick as possible. Don’t look to fail you and try to teach you everything to pass first time. I failed the first time of a fault of my own. Was contacted very quickly as soon as a spot came available. Staff are very very friendly. Done my cbt and full test here do not listen to the bad reviews.
Shane Harris
Booked my sons lessons and tests. Dealt with a lovely lady called Lynsey in the office. She was super helpful, gave us all the info we needed, she made it clear that he had to wear certain gear in order to take part, this was also clear in the email that i received from Bikewize. All in all a pleasure to deal with and my son really enjoyed it too, passing his test first time! Happy Lad, thanks guys!
xix joj
I have completed the CBT training from Bikewize. The staff and especially the instructor (Mr Marlon) was really supportive. Mr Marlon was very informative and gave lots of guidelines which I never received from any other instuctor. Highly recommended and thank you for the great learning experience.
ahmad al tayasneh
Honestly, a great training center and excellent treatment. Thank you all. I recommend to book this place and thank coach Steve
Good instructor teaches amazingly well. U should pretty quick with them. Highly recommend
Paul Ruggieri
I had a great experience at Bikewize and really appreciated their direct and straight forward approach. Jim, Paul and Lyanna were friendly and approachable. The training was clear with lots of riding time. Unfortunately I failed my Mod 1 the first time around…and they squeezed a training day in for me … to focus on a couple of areas to help me pass. But more importantly they helped be a safer rider. Also they worked hard to get my tests rebooked to get me on the road.
Matthew Hudson
I took a 5 day Direct Access Scheme Course, 3 days with Jim, 1 day with Paul and the tests on day 5. Really impressed with both Jim and Paul, both extremely knowledgeable & approachable. I was coached to success in both my MOD1 & 2 tests. Progressive teaching through the week on well maintained machines. I have learnt a lot, and feel to be a much better, safer rider than I was before. I really enjoyed the week and 100% would recommend Bikewize as a Motorcycle Training Provider to any friends or family looking to become a better equipped, safe rider.
carlos daniel lopez padron
Bike Wize is a totally informal company. I would like to tell you my horror story with this company: first I hired the CBT course in the store (34A Central Rd, Worcester Park KT4 8HZ) when I arrived early in the morning they put all the CBT courses more full license in the only space of the shop. Second, they will take you to a nearby park in a van that smells full of gasoline. third in the place where you present the test the bathrooms are in good condition and the site is not prepared for the students and finally the manager (Lyanna) is rude, sarcastic, narcissistic and the instructors do not know how to explain correctly which they stress and they are rude the same. I recommend that you do not live this experience, there are several schools nearby such as Sutton Motorcycle Training where after finishing the course the instructors invited me to lunch and they are really professional and friendly.
Darius Bakanas
I'm very happy all people friendly. Instructor explain everything. I'm very like this place. People go this training ofis. Thank you 😊
Amazing Service , extremely friendly , Big shout out to Kingsley and Lyanna. Completed my CBT and will be back for my DAS Shortly
Ayman Kampoori
Just passed my mod 1 and 2 for my A2 licence! Couldn't have done it without my instructor Jim and Bikewize. Extremely friendly welcoming people who ensure your safety and education. They even have a nearby offsite training ground where we practiced our mod 1 manuevres. They don't waste time and ensure maximum time on the bike. They are very helpful in organising your test and design your training days around your availability. Being a full time worker, the team at bikewize made it really easy to get my licence by booking my training days during weekends. If you're looking to do your CBT, or full licence, or even other courses, I definetely recommend Bikewize. Having done my CBT elsewhere, I can now say this is definetely the best training school in the area. See you in 2 years for my A licence :)
Ghulam Raza
The bikewize motorcycle training was very good experience and specialy thanks to LOOK trainer he was a good instructer.i love his training please take instruction of LOOK he is very good instructer.
catherine mcdonald
A massive thank you to my instructor Luke. I started off my CBT day as a non-rider very nervous of the thought of riding on the road. Luke provided clear explanations and guidance as well as constructive feedback that built my skills and confidence. I finished the course with the confidence and skills to go gain more road experience and enjoy it. I will definitely be using Bikewize to prepare for my test.
Nigel Long
My wife and I did our CBTs here and cannot praise the staff and our trainer, Stuart enough. We were very well looked after, the communication was very clear and we felt very safe during our road ride. I would thoroughly recommend Bikewize. It looks to me as though the only people rating this company 1 star are those who are incapable of reading and understanding basic instructions and clothing policy.
Ágnes Csizmadia
I had a pre CBT training with Bikewize. I can definitely recommend to anyone who needs some extra practice before the actual CBT training day. My instructor was very attentive and helpful. He asked what I wanted to practice and has given me several practical tips.
Keith Day
Top quality experienced trainer Thank you
matthew bontsema
I had a fantastic experience with instruction from the very knowledgeable Luke. He oversaw my CBT along with 2 other's and gave a tailored approach to each one of us. I struggled with the manual bike at the start of the day but he addressed the issues I was having, and I left very happy with a CBT at the end of the day. One chap out of the CBT group was sent home for almost running a red light (which I personally witnessed), and was avoided through Luke's well executed instruction on the road portion of the CBT. There are many negative comments but in my honest opinion, they are just to-the-point instructors. If you come unprepared they won't send you out, if you aren't ready to be on the road then they aren't going to pass you. They do not discriminate what so ever, they are just are by the book instructors and will make sure the CBT requirements are met so you can be safe on the road! I plan to do a DAS with them in the near future.
Sales Team
i passed my first Cbt yesterday with instructor Paul, he’s an amazing guy funny and helpful :) highly recommended Bikewize! they have provided me all the information I needed to pass my CBT. In this crisis they have kept the same prices compare to other centres :) Definitely looking to do my full license with Bikewize! Thank you Lyanna for the extra help. Best wishes! Malik.
Jessica Kelly
My brother is and experienced rider and has been in isolation from March to mid April (during this time his certificate expired). My brother is now living with me a registered nurse on the front line helping with my childcare, he came with minimal clothes and shoes due to the urgency of him leaving my dads house. Firstly he was told he would have to pay for the whole day which wasn’t an issue given the pandemic around us, but when turning up this morning he was declined and lost his money due to not wearing jeans (an item he doesn’t possess) this was a one 2 one session which wouldn’t have had an impact on anyone if he wore 2 pairs of tracksuit bottoms as he is an experienced rider and there are no specific dress codes for experienced riders. Absolutely disgusting.... money grabbing company!!!!
Alfie Cooper
I had a great experience with bikewize both the instructors was very knowledgeable and professional would highly recommend
Roger McCreight
A really great family run business with knowledgeable and friendly instructors, I have passed my CBT twice here now with thanks to Jim and Paul and when I'm ready to attain my full motorcycle license I'll definitely be using Bikewize. Everything you need to know is sent in an email when you book, as long as you pay attention and read the email you'll have a great experience.
jay langan
These guys will do everything to get you safley on the road after failing twice it was 3rd time lucky. Paul top instructor good advice nice one.👍
Abdi Jama
Very good service. They will make sure that you receive wholesome experience.
Nic Streich
A few years ago I used I did two CBT's with Bikewize along with my brother. Bikes my look old, however bikes age very well as long as they are looked after. The training at the time was fit for purpose and allowed me to get my first every bike, a Yamaha ybr 125 which I loved.
robert thompson
Done my cbt today for the 7th time, first time doing it with Bikewize it was an amazing service everyone was very friendly and helpful I really enjoyed it. I had a really nice and safe ride and felt safe on the road with the instructor Paul will definitely try and sort out my full bike test with Bikewize.
Abdul Aziz
I arrived to the centre just on time, and just because I was wearing a tracksuit,I didn’t know until I arrived, there was one woman she was smiling until she spotted my trucksuit she almost went mad at me. Very unhelpful as I asked her if I can rent a suit from them but she refused, what kind of training centre is that if they have no stuff to train people. She was very rude as her voice was loud and aggressive that she seemed almost shouting.I’m the one who supposed to be frustrated as I lost my booking fees95£, and came from a distance,but in this case she was very happy that I came with trucksuit so that they can get the money without lifting a finger that’s very unprofessional, strongly don’t recommend it.
Muhammad Almubarak
I have read some of the reviews and saw that some of the people have complaints about the service. Actually, it's not fair to say they are rude because they are friendly and very nice team. Paul is an amazing guy, he is funny, helpful, and makes things easier to understand. Wish you the best.
Antony Mitchell
Avoid this company. Please read carefully all reviews before booking. There is a consistent pattern with Bikewize; the staff are rude, aggressive and inpatient. Instructors will scream; shout and swear. They will also expect you to ride bikes that are poorly maintained. Clutch, brake and tyres barely meet standards. The bikes are fixed and maintained by the manager to save costs. The safety gear is torn and if you cannot provide motorbike safety gear, the instructors will insist you have to pay additional fees for it to be provided. If you have any questions regarding CBT and DAS course Mod 1 and 2. The instructors will instantly dismiss your questions and tell you stop asking. Instructors will ride off ahead of you, leaving you behind in heavy flowing traffic. It is clear since moving premises that the company is no longer meeting the standard that customers expect. Do not waste your money because they are a cheaper alternative. The company has free slots available compared there competitors for a reason. Save your money. Go elsewhere. Equipment: Poor Customer service skills: Poor. Customer satisfaction: Poor
Debra Sullivan
I did my CBT and full licence with these guys and passed first time. The instructors were great and definitely push you to make sure you’re way above the test standard. I had a really good experience and I’d recommend Bikewize to anyone! Also found them really accommodating with my weird working hours. Couldn’t have done it without you guys! :) :)
Pensador Z
For a CBT it was OK, but when I went for a full licence and got the owner as my instructor, the experience was very stressfull. The guy is RUDE, very RUDE, but he has a good appoving rate - I pass both tests in the first attemp.
Marwan Ouldchhaiba
I passed my CBT with ease. Best atmosphere and very friendly staff. Paul is best instructor He made it easy and was hell of a funny man. Thank you Lyanna for your kind support as well. Please if you want to have your ctb come to bikewise. Only work with Paul. You will not regret it!!!!
Benjamin Farney
Passed my CBT with Bikewize today and can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed myself! Paul the instructor was very helpful, knowledgeable, patient with me whilst I figured out how to use a geared bike and very funny (which helped me get through the horribly cold, wet and windy day that it was) . The whole atmosphere at Bikewize from start to finish was great. They eased any nervs I had and made me feel welcome. Will definitely be using them if I decided to do my DAS and would recommend 100%.
Farhad Faizi
Got good service pass first time friendly environment big thumbs👍

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