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Why Upgrade to a Full Motorcycle Licence

There are many reasons why you may want to upgrade from a CBT to a full motorcycle licence if you live in West London. With easy access out of London into the Surrey Hills or Chiltern Hills, having a full licence means you’re legal to ride on motorways (making getting out of London a lot quicker!) and it also allows you to take a family member or friend along with you for the ride!

This makes day trip adventures a lot more appealing and it’s nice to ride for pleasure and fun rather than just for commuting or work purposes.

Cost of Getting a Full Motorcycle Licence in West London

The price of getting your motorcycle licence will vary slightly depending on which training school you choose. If you are based in West London, your nearest RideTo partner location offering full licence training is Bikewize at Worcester Park near Sutton.

They offer 3 different packages working out at £23 an hour. Packages are either 16, 32 or 40 hours long.

The 32 and 40 hour packages include the time and cost of your tests as well as the training whereas completing the 16 hour course only teaches you what you need to know for the tests and doesn’t enable you to get your licence at the end.

You will have to book your test separately if you choose the 16 hour course but this gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace without the pressure of having your tests booked.

The 32 hour package is only for those who are experienced riders.

Tips for Passing Your Full Motorcycle Licence

Make sure you don’t leave completing your theory test until the last minute as you need to pass in order to book your practical tests. Your instructor will need your pass number which is on the certificate which you will receive straight after passing - so get your theory test booked in asap!

Confidence will help you pass your module one practical test - you’re taught the maneuvers over and over again during the training so when it comes to the test you will know what to do, just don’t let your nerves get the better of you!

Getting through your module two is also relatively straight forward, you just need to ride a bike safely around other traffic, which you should have plenty of experience of by this point.

You just need to try and stay calm and not get too nervous knowing the instructor is assessing you from behind. You won’t move onto module two without completing module one so you will have all the skills needed to do those maneuvers, you just need to do them on the road around other road users.

For more advice check out our top tips for getting a motorcycle licence over on our blog.

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