Full Licence at southampton

Motorcycle Licence Southampton

There are a number of motorcycle training centres in Southampton and the surrounding New Forest region that will be happy to help you learn to ride a motorcycle in no time. And we have several great training centres within the area that will help you to gain your full motorcycle licence in Southampton

How to get to your Full Motorcycle Licence in Southampton

You have the option of exploring several routes when looking to gain your full motorcycle licence, and they are all entirely dependant upon how old you are and how much experience you have. If you don’t have any motorcycle experience at all, then we would strongly recommend completing some CBT training first. This Compulsory Basic Training means that you’ll have some solid experience of riding on the road before starting to consider your full motorcycle licence in Southampton. We always recommend getting some experience of riding on the road before taking your full motorcycle licence but it’s not essential and if your circumstances are right, you can jump straight into your motorcycle training. With all that said however, it’s worth noting that riding with just a CBT will mean you have to display L-plates, and you won’t be able to take passengers or ride on motorways. You don’t need to pass your theory test to be able to complete your CBT though.

However, if you want to get rid of those L-plates - or you have a hankering for taking pillion passengers with you on your ride - then you can take your theory test alongside a two-stage practical test at 16, but there are some restrictions…

You will still only be able to ride to a 50cc machine with a 28mph top speed. This is known as the AM licence. If you’re 17 you can take the same route to gain your A1 licence, which will also allow you to shed your L-plates and give you the ability to ride bikes with an engine size upto 125cc.

From the age of 19-years-old or above however, you will be able to take your motorcycle training for the A2 licence, as long as you have passed your theory test within the last two years.

Unlike your CBT, you will be required to take motorcycle lessons before your motorcycle test, and this is where your search for a quality Motorcycle Training Centre in Southampton will really pay dividends.

There are two modules for the test itself, an off-road part and on-road section, and despite them taking around just 15 minutes for the off-road part and just under an hour for the on-road riding, you should expect to tackle these on seperate days.

Once you’ve passed both motorcycle test modules of your A2 test, you have a two year period where you will be qualified to ride any motorcycle, provided it has a maximum power output of 35kW. Once those two years are done, you will be able to ride any motorcycle you like, regardless of the power output.

And what about if you’re 24 years old or more, live in Southampton and want to take your motorcycle test? Well, this is the moment when you will be able to take your unrestricted full motorcycle licence exam without going through any of the other licence levels.

What Motorcycle Should I Choose?

There are so many motorcycles to choose from, and the choice can sometimes be overwhelming. Luckily if you’re under 19-year-old then your choice is a little simpler, because you’ll only be able to ride a 50cc or 125c machine, but once you turn 19 and pass your A2 licence you will be able to choose whatever motorcycle or scooter you like that produces 35kW of power as standard. These bikes are lighter and easier to ride, but don’t forget that once your A2 restriction period is over, you will most probably have to buy a new bike if you want more power.

Ultimately of course, the choice of style of bike is up to you, and there are many different things to consider when it comes to buying a motorcycle; such as budget or engine size. As a rule we’d recommend staying away from larger and heavier bikes if you’re new to riding, as they’re not as easy to handle and whilst sportsbikes may look cool, they’re more difficult to ride due to the cramped riding position, so always take your time to find the motorcycle or scooter that’s the right fit for you and your requirements.

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