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How to get a Motorcycle Licence in South West London

If you’ve passed your CBT (compulsory basic training) and want to either upgrade to a more powerful motorbike or have fewer restrictions - such as being able to ride without L plates and on all UK motorways, you will want to book yourself onto a full motorcycle licence training course.

But first, if this is the route you want to go down, you will need to sit your motorcycle theory test. This can be booked on the Government's website at one of their many test centres. You will need the pass number on your certificate once you’ve passed in order to book your full licence practical tests.

To find your nearest training site enter your postcode at the top of this page. RideTo work with a partner school in South West London based near Sutton called Bikewize who’s training ground is easily accessible by all forms of public transport.

How to Book Full Motorcycle Licence Training

Once you find a suitable training school on the RideTo website you will need to fill in a few details about your age and what you plan to ride and then your details will be passed onto an instructor who will be in touch about what training days and test days they can offer you.

A small deposit will need to be paid in advance and the remaining balance is then due after your first training lesson. Prices will be shown once you start the booking process, different training schools have slightly different package prices.

What is an Unrestricted Licence?

If you’ve heard of the term ‘unrestricted licence’ you may not know exactly what it means or whether you can get one? This isn’t surprising as learning about motorcycle licences can be a bit of a minefield!

An unrestricted licence is the licence anyone 24 years of age or older can get if they complete full motorcycle licence training. This is also known as an A licence and means that they can ride any bike of any engine power once they have passed.

If you are under 23 there are a few restrictions in place after completing full licence training.

If you are 19-23 you are able to get an A2 licence, which restricts you to ride a motorbike up to 35kW.

If you are 17-18 you are able to get an A1 licence which restricts you to a 125cc scooter or motorbike.

In all cases however, getting your full motorcycle licence means you will be able to ride without L plates and take a passenger on the back of your bike.

You can also ride on motorways so you don’t have to think about avoiding any roads during any journeys as you would have to with a CBT. The licence also doesn’t expire so you don’t have to retake your CBT every 2 years.

To check out our favourite motorbikes that you can Ride on an unrestricted motorcycle licence, head over to our blog.

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