Full Licence at south-london

Can I get an A Full Motorcycle Licence?

If you are based in South London, RideTo partners with a Full Motorcycle Licence training ground in your area making it really easy for you to progress onto the next stage of your motorbike training!

Bikewize on Central Road in Worcester Park near Sutton offer 3 packages to suit different levels of experience. The licence you get at the end of your training, if you pass, is based on your age and there are some restrictions as to what and where you can ride if you are under 24.

If you are 24 or over you will receive an A licence which is also known as an unrestricted licence because you are able to ride any motorbike of your choice after passing.

Other full licenses are an A2 licence for 19-23 years olds, an A1 licence for 17-18-year-olds and an AM licence for 16-year-olds.

Do I Need to Pass a Theory Test to get a Full Motorcycle Licence?

Before you can book onto a Full Motorcycle Licence course you must pass your motorcycle theory test. These cannot be booked through RideTo but they are easy to book over on the Government's website.

The theory test consists of two parts, firstly a series of 50 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within 57 minutes and secondly a hazard perception part where you will view a video and spot hazards on the road as they occur.

Only complete the theory test if you plan to book in your motorcycle licence practical tests within 2 years as after this, it will become invalid and you would need to sit the test again.

If you pass you’ll be given a certificate with a pass number on it. Keep this certificate safe as you will need to quote your pass number when booking your practical tests.

Other Requirements for a Full Motorcycle Licence

Along with passing your theory test you must also hold a valid CBT licence at the time of your full licence training and have a valid driving licence, whether that’s a full or provisional UK licence, or an EU licence (with a UK counterpart licence number).

Requirements on the day of training include being asked to read a registration plate from 20.5 metres away (with glasses / contact lenses if you need them), being able to speak and understand English to a good level and be able to ride an adult sized bicycle for balance (which were also requirements for your CBT).

You must also turn up wearing suitable clothing for training, for more information on what is considered suitable, check out our clothing guide.

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