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Full Motorcycle Licence Near Me - South East London

Do you live in South East London and want to progress onto the next stage of motorcycle training?

If so, being situated in the East of the capital means there are a few RideTo Partner school locations where you could choose to train.

Enter your postcode into the search bar at the top of the page to find the closest motorbike training school to you.

You may find Probike situated on the outskirts of Chelmsford to be the easiest to get to as it is well connected with public transport and easy to get to by road from South East London locations.

Bikewize in Sutton, South London could also be an option for you, especially if you don’t have/want to take your own helmet to training as they provide this along with bike hire rental in their total package costs.

If you decide to train at Probike you will need to take your own helmet with you along with all the other necessary protective gear that you are required to wear.

What to Wear to Your Full Motorcycle Licence Course

When it comes to your training day you must wear sturdy boots that cover your ankles along with thick, robust trousers such as jeans or ideally specific motorcycle trousers as these will give you maximum protection and some are also waterproof.

CE rated gloves must also be worn as well as a strong coat or jacket, again we would recommend jackets/coats designed specifically for use when riding motorbikes if possible. Head to the RideTo Store to purchase any gear you need.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Full Motorcycle Licence in South East London?

As there are different full licence packages available consisting of different amounts of training days to cover all levels of experience, you must speak directly with an instructor at your chosen training location in order to book in your training.

This way you can coordinate schedules to find the best days for training and also for your Module One and Module Two tests.

As a guide if you were to book with Probike an intermediate course package, consisting of 5 days in total currently costs £1140, an experienced 4 day package costs £912 and for beginners who would like to do the training but want to wait before booking in the tests will cost £456 for days without test costs.

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