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Motorcycle Licence Portsmouth

Getting your motorcycle licence can be a daunting and confusing experience, but at RideTo, we’re here to make the motorcycle training process as easy as possible. We have a number of motorcycle training schools in and around the Portsmouth area that will help you get your full motorcycle licence in no time, and below we will set out exactly how you can gain your motorcycle licence in Portsmouth.

The different motorcycle licences explained.

Getting your full motorcycle licence is a little more complicated than passing your single car licence practical test, and a lot of that has to do with age and the power of bike you want to ride.

The simplest route is for anyone 24 years old or over, because for these riders, from the moment you pass your theory exam and the one-and-only practical test, you will be able to ride any motorcycle you fancy.

All is not lost for younger riders however, you can easily get on two wheels from the age of 16, by taking the CBT test. The CBT itself only takes a day, and despite being called a test it actually comprises of a day learning about riding on the road and getting to know your motorcycle or scooter. It does run out after two years however, so after which you will have to retake it or move onto a full motorcycle licence.

To start with - If you go down the CBT route - you’ll be restricted to either a 50cc machine with a top speed of no more than 28mph when you’re 16, or a 125cc bike (with potentially a faster top speed) once you turn 17. There are more restrictions too, because you will have to ride with L-plates, and you won’t be allowed to take a passenger or ride on motorways.

If you want to lose the L-plates and earn yourself a little more freedom you can take your AM licence and A1 licence at the ages of 16 and 17 respectively. You’ll need to pass the theory test first, but these will allow you to carry passengers and use motorways, although the machines you can ride will still be restricted depending on your age.

Once you hit the age of 19 though, you are eligible to take the test for the A2 licence, though you will need to have taken - and passed - your theory test within the last two years.

The A2 test itself is split into two parts; an off-road test and an on-road test. For the off-road test you will be required to complete specific maneuvers and ride set courses marked out by cones - all of which will be covered in your motorcycle training prior to the actual test - these are essentially here to check that you have mastered control of your motorcycle. Once you pass the off-road module, you will move onto the on-road section, where you will be assessed on your ability to ride on the road, along with other traffic. Because you need to show your abilities and pass the off-road module before you can take the on-road test, the entire period of the test takes place over several days, although there isn’t that much riding involved - around 15 minutes and 50 minutes respectively.

Once you have passed your A2 licence, you will be able to ride any motorcycle or scooter with a maximum power output of 35kW for two years (this could be in the form of a restricted bike that limits the power potential, but can be de-restricted once the two years are up). This means that after two years you can ride any bike with any power output

Preparing for your Motorcycle Test

Whether you’re based in Portsmouth itself, or the slightly less busy areas of Gosport, Fareham, Havant or Waterlooville, taking your motorcycle test can be a daunting experience, so it pays to be as prepared as possible. Of course, you will take lessons with instructors from our training schools in Portsmouth to prepare you for your test, but it doesn’t hurt to do some extracurricular preparation. If you haven’t completed your CBT in the last two years, or completed one of the other motorcycle licence tests, then you won’t be able to ride on the road. But don’t worry, we have plenty of articles and guides to help you prepare, and YouTube is full of videos to help you with your practical and theory tests (be careful when taking advice from strangers on YouTube however… We always recommended finding a company, school or personality that you’re familiar with!)

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