Full Licence at north-west-london

Full Licence Training Modules

The specific full licence you are able to obtain by completing the correct training course is based on your age and will enable you to get either an A, A2, A1 or AM licence after passing.

No matter which licence you are aiming to get, your training will still consist of the same two modules. Each module has a training element to them followed by a test and they are called Module One and Module Two.

What Is a Module One Motorcycle Test?

Module One is all based off-road and you will be taught how to control and handle a larger motorbike than you’ve ridden before (if over the age of 19). You will need to be able to show you can control the bike whilst doing certain advanced manoeuvres.

Module Two is based on-road and similar to the final part of a CBT course, you will be followed by an examiner as you ride around a variety of different roads so they can make sure you are safe to complete certain manoeuvres around other road traffic.

At the end of the road ride you are given a destination and you will need to make your own decision on how to ride safely there. The examiner will then assess your riding choices from behind.

During Module Two you will also be asked some theory questions about bike maintenance and safety to check you understand everything correctly.

Where to Get a Full Motorcycle Licence in North West London

If you live in North West London, RideTo’s closest partner school offering Full Motorcycle Licence training is Bikewize situated in South London near Sutton in Worcester Park.

There are a few ways of getting to Bikewize but we would recommend getting a train to Worcester Park Station which is only a 10-minute walk from the training ground.

Bikewize training packages include bike and helmet hire but you will need to bring other protective clothing with you for training. This includes wearing sturdy jeans, boots that cover your ankles, CE rated gloves and a protective, weather-appropriate jacket.

For more information on the correct clothing to wear please refer to our clothing guide and if you need to buy any items, we stock a range of brands that suit all budgets over on the RideTo Store.

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