Full Licence at motherwell

Motorcycle Licence Motherwell

If you want to get your motorcycle licence in Motherwell, you will first have to undergo motorcycle training at one of the local training schools. Acquiring your motorcycle licence can sometimes seem like a complicated task, but we’re here to break it down.

How the Motorcycle Test works

To complete your full motorcycle test you will first need to pass the theory and hazard perception tests. Once passed, these tests remain valid for two years. If you don’t complete your motorcycle test during those two years, then you’ll have to retake both the motorcycle theory and hazard perception tests.

The practical motorcycle test is split into two parts; Module 1 and Module 2. Prior to your test you will have completed several days’ worth of training in and around Motherwell city and the surrounding area with your instructor, and they will have prepared you for the scenarios you will face during both parts of the test.

Module 1 must be passed before you can attempt Module 2, which means your test may be split up over several days. Don’t worry, this is normal.

Module 1 takes place on a purpose built off-from-the-road training area (not off-road in the dirt, but more resembling a school playground). This part of the test only lasts about 15 minutes, and you will have to perform set maneuvers that you will have practiced previously with your instructor. These include; pushing your bike around when it is off the stand, safely putting it on the stand, riding a slalom and figure of 8 between cones, maintaining a constant slow speed, a U turn; cornering and a controlled stop, cornering and an emergency stop, and cornering and hazard avoidance. Many of these maneuvers may seem familiar to you if you’ve previously completed your CBT, but you will be on a larger bike, and your ability to control the bike during these situations will be under more scrutiny.

Module 2 will take place on the Motherwell roads, and usually takes about an hour to complete. This part of the test will again bear a slight resemblance to the road-riding portion of the CBT, but there will be a few extra elements. Module 2 is split into four parts; a 20 metre eyesight check; “show me, tell me” questions about motorcycle safety and maintenance; a road ride - where you may also have to pull away from behind a parked car and perform a hill start - and a 10 minute independent ride.

For the independent ride you will be given a destination which you much reach by making your own decisions - such as using road signs or local knowledge - while riding. For the rest of the road ride your examiner will be providing instructions via a one-way radio.

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