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Motorcycle Licence Morecambe

Getting your motorcycle licence can sometimes feel like a daunting and confusing experience, but we’re here to make the journey to your full motorcycle licence as easy as possible. Our motorcycle training schools in Morecambe will help you get your license in no time, and below we will set out exactly how you can gain your motorcycle licence in Morecambe.

Compulsory Basic Training

The quickest and cheapest route onto two wheels is via the CBT. You can complete your CBT from the age of 16, but it is only a very basic level of training. You don’t need any prior experience with motorcycles or scooters, and the training itself only takes a day. Because the CBT only provides basic training, it is only valid for two years, after which point you will have to retake your CBT or take your full motorcycle test.

Once you complete the CBT at the age of 16 you will be able to ride a motorcycle or scooter with a maximum engine size of 50cc and a top speed of 28mph. If you complete your CBT aged 17 or above, you will be able to ride a 125cc machine with a maximum power output of 11kW. You will also have to display L-plates on the front and rear of your machine, and you won’t be allowed to carry passengers or ride on the motorway.

The Motorcycle Test

Regardless of your age, the motorcycle test is always the same. If you’re 16-years-old and want to gain your AM licence so you can get rid of those L-plates, ride on the motorway and carry a passenger, you will take the same test as a 24-year-old.

Before you take your practical test you will have to pass the theory and hazard perception tests. Once you’ve passed these they remain valid for two years. If you are unable to pass your test during those two years then they must be repeated.

The practical motorcycle test is split into two parts; Module 1, and Module 2. And although they don’t last longer than 90 minutes in total, they will be completed on seperate days, as you need to pass Module 1 before moving onto Module 2.

Module 1 takes place on an off-road training area and only lasts 15 minutes. You will be required to perform maneuvers such as a U-turn, slalom, figure of eight and swerve and stop among others. You will have practiced all these maneuvers with your instructor during your motorcycle training in Morecambe.

Module 2 takes place on the road, and usually lasts about an hour. You will ride in front of the examiner, who will give your instructions via a one-way radio. For the majority of Module 2 you will follow the examiner’s instructions, but you will also be required to perform several maneuvers; pulling out from behind a parked car, and - if possible - a hill start. You will also be asked to ride independently for 10 minutes. This means the examiner will give you a destination and you will have to reach it using road signs and your own knowledge.

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