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Motorcycle Licence London

If you’re looking to ditch the crowded tubes and want to gain your full motorcycle licence in London we have plenty of motorcycle training centres in and around London that will be able to help you do that.

Why Should I Ride a Motorcycle in London?

There are many reasons to consider using a motorcycle over other forms of transport. First of all, they’re fun. Motorcycles offer a level of engagement that other forms of transport, such as cars, don’t. Not unless you spend big money, at least. Riding a motorcycle has also been shown to reduce stress. The Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behaviour, at the University of California, Los Angeles tested 50 individuals’ brain activity and found that riding a motorcycle resulted in a 28% decrease in biomarkers of stress.

Riding a motorcycle can also be quicker, especially in the city. We’re not talking about breaking the speed limit, we’re talking about filtering. While other commuters are trapped in traffic unable to move, you’ll be able to squeeze through the gaps of traffic without having to stop. So you’ll be able to arrive earlier, or set off later!

If you want to feel good about choosing two wheels, then you’ll be glad to know motorcycles are generally better for the environment than cars, churning out fewer emissions compared to the four-wheelers. Here are some other great reasons to get a motorcycle.

Getting your Motorcycle Licence in London

There are various motorcycle licence in the UK, depending on your age. From the age of 16-18 taking the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) is the quickest and cheapest option. There’s no test, it’s just a single day of on-bike training, but there are some caveats. You’ll have to display L-plates on the front and back of your machine, and you won’t be allowed to carry passengers or travel on the motorway. If you’re 16 you will only be allowed to ride a motorcycle or scooter with an engine no larger than 50cc and a top speed of 28mph. Once you turn 17 you’ll be allowed to ride bikes upto 125cc with a maximum power output of 11kW.

From 19-23 you will be eligible for your A2 licence, which also means you will need to pass your theory test first. Your A2 licence is a step above the CBT, and once you have completed the two-part test you will be free to ride on the roads (including motorways) without L-plates. You can also carry a passenger. You will, however, be required to ride a bike with a maximum power output of 35kW for two years. Once those two years are up, you can ride any bike you desire.

If you’re aged 24 and above then you have the quickest route to your full motorcycle licence, otherwise known as the A licence. You will have to take the same test as for the A2 licence, but once you pass you will immediately be allowed to ride any type of motorcycle, no matter the power output. This is called the Direct Access Scheme, or DAS.

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