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Motorcycle Licence Harrow

Thinking about gaining your motorcycle licence in Harrow may at first seem like a complicated process, but RideTo was launched in order to make completing your motorcycle training as easy as possible, so we assure you that you’re here at the right place, because at RideTo, we have a number of full licence training schools in Harrow and the surrounding areas of Eastcote and Stanmore that will see you gain your full motorcycle licence in no time.

Many of the requirements for how, when and what motorcycle licence you can take your test for depend upon your age and experience - and you may have to take several tests over several years.

Here’s our simple breakdown of what you can ride, and when...

Age 16

The earliest that you can ride a motorcycle or scooter in the UK is at age 16. In order to ride legally, you will have had to have completed your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), which will allow you to ride a bike with an engine capacity no greater than 50cc, and a top speed of 28mph. Your CBT test in Harrow will only take you a day and you don’t need any previous riding experience. Once you’re done, you can be out and riding on the road immediately - although you’ll have to display L-plates on the front and rear of your machine, and you won’t be allowed to carry passengers or ride on motorways.

You do also have the option of taking your theory test and a two module practical test (off-road and on-road), which will permit you to shed the L-plates, carry a passenger and ride on motorways. This is the AM licence.

Age 17-18

If you pass your CBT at the age of 17 or over, then the difference is that you can now ride bikes upto 125cc, with a maximum power output of 11kW. This also means that there is no speed restriction. And, just as with the AM licence, you can choose to drop the L-plates, carry passengers and lose the motorway restrictions by completing your theory test and two-part practical test to gain your full, A1 licence.

Age 19-23

From the age of 19 you’ll be able to take your motorcycle test and gain an A2 licence. As with the other tests, this is comprised of your theory test (which lasts two years) and a two-part practical test spread over two days. Once you complete those you will be allowed to ride a bike with any engine capacity. However if you are aged between 19 and 23, the bike must produce no more than 35kW for the two years following your test. Once you’ve completed those two years, you will be free to ride any bike with any power output.

Direct Access Scheme

The Direct Access Scheme, more commonly known as ‘DAS’, is the motorcycle test which can be taken by those 24 and older and is probably the most popular way to gain your motorcycle licence in Harrow. The DAS has to be completed on a motorcycle with a minimum power output of 40kW but if you pass your motorcycle test before the age of 24, the bikes you will be allowed to ride must be restricted to 35kW (as mentioned above). However, if you’ve completed your direct access and are 24 or over, you will be allowed to ride any bike with no engine capacity or power restrictions.

Time to hit the open road!

Choosing a Motorcycle or Scooter

We always recommend that your first motorcycle be one that’s suited for your needs but also your riding abilities - there’s no need in buying that super fast sportsbike if all your going to do is be riding to and from Rayners Lane along your busy commute!

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