Full Licence at darlington

Motorcycle Licence Darlington

If you want to get your motorcycle licence in Darlington, you will first need to complete motorcycle training at one of your schools in and around the Darlington area. What type of training you will be required to undertake will depend on your age.

How does Motorcycle Training Work?

Your motorcycle training will usually take place over a few days or a week. During your training intensive your instructor will go over everything that you will be expected to complete during the motorcycle test, both on and off the road. These include set maneuvers and scenarios which you will be tested on during your test. Once the instructor feels you’re ready, they will book the first part of your practical test.

Taking the Motorcycle Test

Your practical test will be split up into two parts; Module 1, and Module 2.

Module 1 takes place on an off-road training area and will take roughly 15 minutes. You will be asked to perform a series of maneuvers, such as a U-turn, figure of eight, and slalom. Only once you have completed your Module 1 test will you be able to move onto Module 2.

Module 2 takes place on the road and will last about 50 minutes. The examiner will ride behind you, giving you instructions via a one-way radio. You will need to ride safely and confidently for this part of the test, and you will also have to perform several different maneuvers, such as pulling away from behind a parked car, and starting on a hill - if possible. For 10 minutes you will need to ride independently. This means the instructor will give you a destination and you will have to reach it without instructions. You will be judged on your decision making.

What Bike Should I Choose?

There’s a huge variety of motorcycles to choose from once you get your motorcycle licence in Darlington. Obviously if you’re under 19 then you’ll only be able to ride a 50cc or 125cc machine, but once you turn 19 and pass your A2 licence test you will have a much larger choice. Passing the A2 test at 19 means the motorcycle or scooter you choose must have a maximum power output of 35kW. It doesn’t sound like much, but if you’ve been riding a bike with 11kW since completing the CBT then it will be a noticeable jump.

You can choose to ride a machine that makes 35kW as standard, or you can opt for a more powerful machine and fit a restrictor kit. A 35kW standard bike will be lighter and easier to ride, but once your A2 restriction is over after two years, you will have to buy another bike if you want more power.

There are many different things to consider when it comes to buying a motorcycle or scooter, such as your budget, engine size and the type of motorcycle. We’d recommend staying away from larger, heavier bikes, as they’re not as easy to handle - which means they might sap your confidence a little. We’d also suggest bikes with a more natural seating position. Sportsbikes may look cool, but they’re more difficult to ride - especially around town - due to the unnatural riding position.

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