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Motorcycle Licence Crystal Palace

There are several motorcycle training centres in and around the Crystal Palace and Bromley area that will take you from a complete motorcycle beginner to confident rider in no time at all. And we have several great training centres within the area that will help you gain your full motorcycle licence in Crystal Palace.

Preparing for your Motorcycle Test in Crystal Palace

Taking your motorcycle test can be a nerve-racking experience, so it pays to get in as much preparation beforehand as possible. In the days and weeks leading up-to your test you’ll take lessons with instructors from our training schools in Crystal Palace to prepare you for the scenarios you will face during your test, but it doesn’t hurt to do some extracurricular preparation when you have the time.

If you haven’t completed your CBT in the last two years then you won’t be able to ride on the road, which means practical training is a no-go. We have plenty of articles and guides that will help you prepare for your test, and YouTube is full of videos to help you with your practical test, theory test and hazard perception. If you use YouTube just be careful who you take advice from. Instead of taking tips from an unknown rider it’s better to choose qualified riders. There are plenty of training schools and instructors with instructional videos on YouTube that will help you.

Get your Full Motorcycle Licence in Crystal Palace

There are several routes to gaining your full motorcycle licence, depending on how old you are at the time you take your test.

If you have little or no motorcycle experience at all, then we would recommend completing CBT training first. You can take your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) from the age of 16 and once completed it will remain valid for two years, which gives you plenty of time to get used to riding on the road before you gain your full motorcycle licence in Crystal Palace. It’s worth noting that riding with just a CBT will mean you have to display L-plates on both the front and rear of your bike, and you won’t be able to take passengers or ride on motorways. You don’t need to pass your theory test to be able to complete your CBT, though, and it only takes one day.

To get rid of those L-plates you can take a theory test and two-stage practical test at 16, but you will still be restricted to a 50cc machine with a 28mph top speed. This is known as the AM licence. If you’re 17 you can take the same test to gain your A1 licence, which will also allow you to shed your L-plates, while allowing you to carry passengers and ride on motorways.

Once you turn 19 you will be able to take your motorcycle training for the A2 licence, provided you have completed your theory test and hazard perception within the last two years. You will be required to take motorcycle lessons before your motorcycle test, and these will prepare you for all the scenarios you will encounter during your motorcycle test.

The test itself is comprised of off-road and on-road modules, which are usually completed on seperate days, although they generally take 15 minutes and 50 minutes to complete respectively. Once you complete this test you will be able to ride any motorcycle, provided it has a maximum power output of 35kW, for two years. Once those two years are up you will be able to ride any motorcycle you like, regardless of the power output.

If you’re 24 or older then you will be able to take your unrestricted full motorcycle licence test in Crystal Palace without going through any of the other licence levels. This is known as the Direct Access Scheme, or DAS.

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