Full Licence at balham

How much is a Full Motorcycle Licence Test in Balham?

Prices for motorbike tests vary depending on where you choose to train and what sort of training package you choose to go for.

For example, the closest motorbike test centre to Balham is Bikewize, situated 6 miles away in Sutton. Bikewize offer three packages, two of which include full training and test fees and will cost you between £672 for a 4 day course and £840 for a 5 day course, based on the number of days you require to gain the skills and confidence to be ready to complete the tests.

The third option they offer is to complete the training over 2 days for £336 and then book, pay and complete the tests on a future date.

What Tests Do I Need to Do to Complete a Full Motorcycle

Licence Test?

Before you book your practical tests you must pass your Theory Test. You can do this anytime in the two years before you complete your practical tests as the certificate is valid for two years.

There are two parts to the theory test and you can book your test online on the Government's website.

The first part of the theory test is 50 multiple choice questions that you are given 57 minutes to answer. The second part is the hazard perception test where there will be a series of video clips which you must watch and you will score points for noticing any developing hazards.

When it comes to the practical part of your motorcycle test, this is also split into two parts, Module one consisting of off road riding where you will learn how to control a bike doing certain maneuvers in the training ground and module 2 which is a combination of theory questions the examiner will ask you about maintenance and or safety and then the road riding skills element.

For this part you will be out on the road followed by the examiner who will direct you on what to do. If your instructor feels you are safe to ride on the roads after this they will issue you with a pass!

Are There Any Restrictions With a Full Motorcycle Licence?

Yes there can be restrictions depending on your age when you take the test. If you are over 24 you can get an A licence also known as an unrestricted licence, which means you can ride a bike of any size/power and your test will need to be taken on a bike that is at least 595cc in power.

If you are 19 - 23 the only restriction you have is being able to ride up to a 35kw bike whereas if you are 17 or 18, the restriction is that you can only ride upto a 125cc motorbike or scooter.

At any age however the perk of having a full motorcycle licence is that you are not restricted to any motorbike specific speed limit (just the normal road speed limits!) you can also take passengers on your bike, ride on any roads - including motorways and ride without L plates!

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