CBT Licence at vauxhall

Vauxhall CBT Training

If you live in Vauxhall you’ll already know it has excellent transport links across the city of London. This makes large parts of London easily accessible by train, underground or bus which means you have many options for where to take your CBT.

Overground trains, the Victoria Line and Vauxhall Bus Station can take you to a number of our CBT Training Partner Sites. The closest option will be Off the Kerb Motorcycle Training in White City followed by our motorcycle training schools run by Universal Motorcycle Training based in Wimbledon or Wembley.

How much does a CBT cost?

The price of a course depends on the location and training school, if you complete your CBT training somewhere near Vauxhall it will cost between £140 and £180.

What happens during a CBT?

Compulsory basic training consists of one day of training where you will be taught the basics of how to control and handle a motorbike and how to ride it safely.

You will first learn anything off-road at the training school site and if you show signs of having mastered how to ride you will then be taken onto the road for around 2 hours to gain experience of riding on different types of roads.

If you show signs of being unsafe to ride on roads with other traffic the instructor will ask you to come back for the second day of training. Most people pass within just one day however if you are feeling worried we would suggest adding our ‘Peace of Mind Policy’ to your booking.

What is the Peace of Mind Policy?

The Peace of Mind Policy will cover you for an additional day of training should you not pass after one day.

It costs only £29.99 and if you do need more training, RideTo will pay for the next day of training - this could save you over £130!

You can add this to your CBT booking at check out, or anytime before your training starts by filling in this form.

Do I need a CBT licence to ride a scooter in Vauxhall?

In most cases the answer is yes, to ride a scooter in Vauxhall, or anywhere in the UK, you will need to do a CBT course in order to legally be allowed to ride on the roads. The exception being if you passed your car driving test before 1st February 2001.

But just remember a CBT will only let you ride upto a 125cc bike, so if you want to eventually ride something more powerful you will have to complete a full licence course after completing your CBT.

For all the information you need about a full licence, read our course guide.

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