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Southampton CBT Training

Southampton is not only a major port city and the gate to the New Forest, is also a great location for beginners to excel in completing their CBT Training. With a city that offers a bustling city centre with a plethora of residential roads to maximise confidence, Hedge End to Hythe, RideTo has your CBT Training covered.

Unlike British weather, Southampton has one of the most consistent and perfect places to start your journey on two wheels, the hidden gem of Hedge End is the perfect place to start, with quiet conditions for every new learner to practice their turns, slow-moving riding and highway code manoeuvres. Alternatively, Hythe has one of the prime locations for beautiful scenery to soak in during your own road part of your CBT Training. If you are looking for a full description of the 5 parts of a CBT then utilise our guide section.

CBT Training takes between 6-8 hours to complete so essential refreshment and a full range of facilities are a must, our city-centre location has you covered, if you are looking at CBT Training near you then type in your postcode above or click on a popular location below:

Book CBT Training in Southampton

If you are looking to book a CBT Test in Southampton then you should expect to pay between £125 to £160. A CBT Test takes between 6-8 hours to complete and you should leave the full day free.

A CBT Test, unlike the name, suggests does not contain a test, in fact, it is CBT Training. The DVSA qualified instructor will guide you through the 5 parts of the CBT with the final part of the day being a 2-hour road ride, minimum by law.

Taking Motorcycle Lessons Before Your CBT

Before your CBT you have the option to take an Introduction To Motorcycle Course, this will give you a taster to life on two wheels. This is not necessary in taking your CBT Training, however a number of young riders do opt for a package of an ITM and CBT.

Motorcycle lessons in the UK unlike getting a car driving licence you are not required to take a number of lessons before you take your CBT. A CBT requires no prior experience and it is possible to succeed first time in your CBT in Southampton.

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